Instant Electric Water Heater

Online Purchase of Electric Water Heater on CLP Home Appliances Platform CLP Smart Shopping online shopping and reward platform provides different types of electric water heater - storage type water heaters, rapid heating storage type water heaters and instant type water heaters . Instant type water heater can be installed at three-phase power supply buildings which heats up water instantly. Its size is defined by the electric power. Storage type electric water heaters fit single-phase power supply buildings in general. For faster water heating with single phase power supply, you may opt for rapid heating storage type electric water heaters. If only a single water outlet is needed, you may opt for shower type rapid heating electric water heaters. Otherwise, purchase a central storage type rapid heating electric water heater, you can then enjoy warm water at multiple water outlets within your apartment. CLP assures excellent product quality and effortless online shopping experience. CLP also provides a wide range of products with different brands of water heaters so as to satisfy various customers’ needs. The company offers professional services such as site surveying, installation and maintenance. New move-in or gas-switching-to-electric customers are rewarded upon any purchase of electric water heater or induction cooker. Make your purchase at CLP Smart Shopping online platform today for an energy-saving water heater!