Redeem 20% off discount code for purchase Move it Beat Smart Dumbbell (0.75kg/1kg) (Original Price:HK$289/$309)

Redeem 20% off discount code for purchase Move it Beat Smart Dumbbell (0.75kg/1kg) (Original Price:HK$289/$309)

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Move it Beat Smart Dumbbell (0.5kg/0.75kg/1kg) **


Move it Beat- Smart Dumbbell is easy to use and durable. There is an LED display on the dumbbell.

The dumbbells are available in multiple weights (0.75kg, 1kg). The module can be replaced, and the weight can be recognized automatically.

Its biggest feature is that you can unlock the fitness course like a game. At present, more than 30 kinds of courses have been opened. Weight loss and plasticity are easily completed between the dance course and the game, and the muscles can be exercised while consuming calories.

You can also invite friends to join, with Move it APP, which can record each person's sports data, compete for completion, accuracy, and rhythm.

In terms of battery life, the built-in 180mAh battery, charging for 30 minutes, can be used for 300 minutes.

**Move it Beat Smart Dumbbell 0.5kg out of stock