Enjoy FAIRTASTE - Organic Earl Grey Tea (2.5g x 25 teabags) (Upon purchase of HK$350 or above at FAIRTASTE E-shop)

Enjoy FAIRTASTE - Organic Earl Grey Tea (2.5g x 25 teabags) (Upon purchase of HK$350 or above at FAIRTASTE E-shop)


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<p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 7.5pt; line-height: normal;"><span style="color: rgb(89, 89, 92); font-family:;" zh-tw="">Enjoy</span><span arial="" style="color: rgb(89, 89, 92); font-family:;"> FAIRTASTE - Organic Earl Grey Tea (2.5g x 25 teabags)</span><font face="新細明體"><span style="color: rgb(89, 89, 92); font-family: Roboto; font-size: 12pt;"> </span><span new="" roman="" style="color: rgb(89, 89, 92); font-size: 10.5pt;">(Suggested retail price: HK$38)</span></font></p> <p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 7.5pt; line-height: normal;">&nbsp;</p> <p>Fair Taste established in 2004, a social enterprise created the first local fair trade brand &quot;FAIRTASTE&quot; and &quot;Fair Ladies Craft Workshop&quot;.&nbsp; We are devoted to promote woman empowerment, Fair Trade and organic products.&nbsp; We believe everyone can contribute to a sustainable future by ethical consumption.</p>