Deliveroo new customer - Save up to HK$60! Enjoy HK$20 off HK$100 x 3 times

Deliveroo new customer - Save up to HK$60! Enjoy HK$20 off HK$100 x 3 times


Available options :

100 Eco Points

Type : E-coupon

Customer could redeem a maximum of 1 item(s) of this product per registered account.

This is an exclusive offer for CLP Power Connect community members, activate and bind your CLP online account now to become our member.

To provide better experience to our customers, CLP “Smart Shopping” has been operated and managed by CLPe Commerce Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited, with effect from 1st April 2021.

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How to Redeem

  • Redeem online during the redemption period.
  • Upon successful redemption, redeemed e-coupon code will be stored under CLPeC Smart Shopping "E-coupon list".
  • The CLPeC customer should visit Deliveroo online store to enjoy the discount offer within the redemption period.

Redeem Method

  • To enjoy the discount offer, customers should visit Deliveroo online platform and enter the "e-coupon code" before check-out.
  • Three "e-coupon code" will be stored under “Voucher and credit” in “My account”
  • Code only needs to be entered once for $20 off. Only one code can be used for each transaction. The discount code can be applied at most 3 times.
  • Merchant website:
  • Merchant contact: [email protected]
  • Please refer to the below website on how to login the CLP Mobile App and open voucher code for redemption:

Terms & Conditions

  • The e-coupon code must be redeemed on or before 30-September-2021 23:59. Expired code will be invalid automatically.
  • New customers refer to customers who have not made any order on Deliveroo.
  • The voucher code is applicable to any Deliveroo delivery or pickup order.
  • Customer must enter the e-coupon code before settling payment to entitle the offer whereas no code can be used once order is confirmed. CLPeC and the respective Merchant will not accept any liability should a customer fail to input the code when conducting Eligible Transactions and that it results in forfeiture of the customer eligibility to the offer.
  • Code only needs to be entered once for $20 off for 3 orders.
  • Each order must have a minimum total spending of $100.
  • The code is for one-time redemption and only one code can be used for each transaction.
  • The code cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, coupons, memberships or privileges.
  • No refund for cash/Eco Rewards points or exchange of any unused code.
  • CLPeC bears no responsibility and no compensation for loss and code expired.
  • CLPeC is not the supplier of the products and shall not act as or assume any responsibility for the after-sale services.
  • Product photos on "Eco Rewards" website are for reference only and may deviate from the actual products due to the quality of the photos. Such deviations, if any, do not act as a ground for replacement and refund.
  • This is an exclusive reward for CLP Power Connect community, customers must join the community to enjoy the exclusive reward. If you have not yet registered for CLP Power Connect community, please activate and bind your CLP online account now to become our member.
  • Other "Eco Rewards" terms and conditions apply.
  • All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of CLPeC and the respective merchant.

Deliveroo new customer - Save up to HK$60! Enjoy HK$20 off HK$100 x 3 times

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