Donut Kids Club - MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE ACADEMY Online Workshop with Material Pack (Original Price: HK$100)

Donut Kids Club - MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE ACADEMY Online Workshop with Material Pack (Original Price: HK$100)

Donut Kids Club

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Donut Kids Club presents: Multiple Intelligence Academy


Starting from this summer, Donut Kids Club presents a new online workshop ‘Multiple Intelligence Academy’. Free materials packs will be given to children to learn through play to enhance the 8 multiple intelligences! Content includes:

• A series of videos teaching sports, language, visual arts, nature, logical thinking, etc.

• Donut & Ah Meow 3D animation

• Handcraft or experiment set

• Free material pack


Let’s follow Donut & Ah Meow to discover 500 times knowledge!


Suitable age: children 4 years or older

How to participate: Fill in the application form* and receive the free material package** and the video link at member counter!


*Participant will become Donut Kids Club member automatically after successful registration.

**Material pack is limited, while stock lasts.