Special Promotion: Convert 100 Asia Miles

Special Promotion: Convert 100 Asia Miles

Asia Miles

200 Eco Points

Type : Points Conversion Program

Customer could redeem a maximum of 5 item(s) of this product per registered account.

This is an exclusive offer for CLP Power Connect participants. Join Now for free.

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General Terms and Conditions:

  • The Special Promotion is applicable to the CLP Power Connect customers that have made successful miles conversion in blocks of 200 Eco Points (i.e. 100 Asia Miles) on Special Promotion dates i.e. from 2 September to 15 November 2019 (“Special Promotion Period”)

    (Total 23,000 conversions is sold out; additional round: 10,000 conversions. First-come-first-served while stock lasts.)

  • Each CLP Power Connect customer is entitled to this 200 Eco Points to 100 miles conversion for 5 times during Special Promotion Period.
  • To convert CLP Eco Points to Asia Miles, you must join CLP Power Connect programme, CLP Eco Rewards, and be an Asia Miles member. If you have not yet registered for CLP Power Connect programme, please visit https://powerconnect.clp.com.hk/ to join Power Connect programme. If you do not have an Asia MilesTM membership account, please visit https://www.asiamiles.com/en/enrolment.html to sign up as an Asia Miles member for free.
  • CLP Power Connect customers who choose to convert their Eco Point to Asia Miles must ensure that the Asia Miles membership numbers and full name registered in their Eco Rewards’ accounts must match with the Asia Miles membership account in the Asia Miles database. Members are responsible for ensuring the correct membership numbers and full name are entered. Failure to comply, wrong or missing of information will result in forfeiture of the right to receive Asia Miles.
  • Only one Asia Miles membership number could be registered under each account of CLP Power Connect.
  • Upon completing the conversion from CLP Eco Points to Asia Miles, CLP Power Connect customers will see the message of “Successful Transaction” and an order reference number on the conversion page of the website to indicate the CLP Eco Points conversion has been completed successfully.
  • Asia Miles will be credited to the registered Asia Miles membership account of CLP Power Connect customers 4-6 weeks after the month end of the CLP Eco Points conversion is completed. For example, a CLP Power Connect customer has completed the CLP Eco Points conversion on 5 September, the designated Asia Miles will be credited to the registered Asia Miles membership account within 4 - 6 weeks starting from 30 September.
  • The conversion of CLP Eco Points to Asia Miles will be irrevocable and cannot be changed or reversed back.
  • CLP assumes no responsibility for Asia Miles converted from CLP Eco Points or for the acts or losses associated with the Asia Miles member.
  • Other CLP Eco Rewards, CLP Power Connect and Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and Asia Miles Limited is final.
  • These Terms and Conditions are drafted in English and translated into Chinese. In the event of any discrepancy between the two versions, the English version shall prevail.

Asia Miles 

You can earn CLP Eco Points to redeem various rewards by joining CLP Power Connect and participating in specific activities. Let’s save Energy and earn Asia Miles!

Special Promotion: 200 CLP Eco Points = 100 Asia Miles
Starting from 2 September to 15 November 2019, check out our special promotion! CLP Power Connect customers can enjoy a special conversion rate of 200 Eco Points:100 Asia Miles up to 5 times! Offer is available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.