1.5HP Cooling Window Type Air Conditioner(remote control) EWN12CRC-D5 (Supplier standard installation included)

1.5HP Cooling Window Type Air Conditioner(remote control) EWN12CRC-D5 (Supplier standard installation included)


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Electrolux 1.5HP Window Type Air-Conditioner(remote control) EWN12CRC-D5
Electrolux comes with Grade 1 Energy Saving Award, cost saving and environmental friendly. 3D air-flow and rotary compressor allow chill and quiet air flow to every corners. 24 hours On & Off Timer and ECO Sleep Mode provides greater flexibility for different situations. 1.5HP air conditioners are suitable for 110-150 feet area in general and hence fits average bedrooms and living rooms in Hong Kong.

  • Grade 1 Energy Saving Awarded

    • Grade 1 energy efficiency label by the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. The higher energy efficiency save electricity and protect the environment.
  • Independent Dehumidifying
    • Allows you to dehumidify when it is humid but not that hot.
  • Coating with GoldTech protection
    • It prevents corrosion and provides anti-microbial protection for the fin condenser.
  • 3D Air-flow
    • The 3D Airflow design circulates cool air across each corner of the room.
  • Rotary compressor
    • It provides powerful cooling and ensures quieter operation.
  • ECO Sleep Mode
    • Press this button before sleeping, the preset temperature rises 2°C in 2 hours, preventing people getting cold and saving energy.
  • 24 Hours On & Off Timer
    • 24Hours On & Off Timer can preset starting time and ending time of operatin.
  • Air purifying filter
    • It removes contaminants and dust in the air, and also removes disgusting odors, providing your family a healthier living environment.
  • Refrigerant R410A
R410A is the most environmentally-friendly refrigerant accepted worldwide, it does not contribute to ozone depletion and reduce energy consumption.

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  • Grade 1 Energy Label
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Filter: Air purifying filter
  • Control Settings: Remote control
  • Cooling capacity: 11,942
  • Size: H375 x W560 x D618 mm
  • Two year warranty