Window Cleaning Robot V900

Window Cleaning Robot V900

Prologic Robotics

HK$ 2,689 HK$ 3,588

Discount valid from 22/10/2018 to 18/11/2018
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Prologic Robotics Window Cleaning Robot V900

  • 5-stage cleaning system
    • Moisturize the front cleaning pad with cleaning solution, it will move left & right to soften the dust on window, then the squeegee will remove the dust. The front end of the rear cleaning pad will dry the window while the back end polishes it
  •  Automatic routing
    • Adopts automatic route, cleans the window up and down twice and returns to the originally position when complete
  • Quiet Cleaning
    • Advanced fan technology cleans quietly.
  • Cleans Multiple Glass Surfaces 
    •  Automatically & safely cleans framed, frameless, frosted and filmed glass.
  • Dual power protection
    • Reliable built-in back up power supply allows staying on window for at least 15 minutes in a power outage to avoid dropping.
  • Equipped with highly efficient fittings
    • Front cleaning pad, squeegee, rear cleaning pad, cleaning solution, remote control, extension cord, safety pod and tether 

  • Dimension: 26.5cm(L) x 27.1cm(W) x 12cm(H)
  • Voltage: 100~240V
  • Power: 75W
  • Weight: 2.04KG