23L Shower Storage Type Water Heater GPN-603TD (Include standard installation)_Retail Price: $3,327

23L Shower Storage Type Water Heater GPN-603TD (Include standard installation)_Retail Price: $3,327

German Pool

HK$ 3,327

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German Pool 23L Shower Storage Type Water Heater GPN-603TD

  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Inner Tank
    • The Japanese heavy gauge stainless steel inner tank ensures an operation free of rust, corrosion, deformity and leakage.
  • High Thermal Efficiency
    • The prime quality stainless steel heating element with built-in thermal cut-out ensures maximum thermal efficiency and safety.
  • Stable Temperature
    • The quality thermostat provides automatic temperature control to ensure constant water temperature and save energy. Temperature can be set to as high as 85°C.
  • Constant Water Pressure
    • The operation is not affected by water pressure. Hot water can be provided as long as there is a supply of cold water.
  • Pollution Free
    • The GPN water heater produces no gas pollutants during the water heating process. Its operation is absolutely free of toxic substances and colour.
  • Energy Saving
    • The injected polyurethane foam provides maximum insulation to the water tank. Also, GPN water heaters are compliant to the “1st Class Energy Efficiency Label”.
  • Safe & Reliable
    • To prevent electricity leakage, the water heater comes with an earthing system and all electrical parts are insulated. The drip-proof and splash-proof design also ensure safety.
CLP staffs will contact the customers by phone for the confirmation of delivery date and installation service fee within 2 working days.
Include standard installation.

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  • Type : Shower Storage Type
  • Dimension (width x depth x high): 330 x 241 x 650 mm
  • Capacity (Liter): 23
  • Warranty : 1 year