Playbrush Game Smart Toothbrush *Limited 1 pc* (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)

Playbrush Game Smart Toothbrush *Limited 1 pc* (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)


HK$ 226 HK$ 269

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Playbrush Game Toothbrush

In order to make the children in the family brush their teeth, all kinds of toothpaste are available; there are cartoon toothbrushes and animal toothbrushes in the toothbrush. But still can't make him brush his teeth?

Playbrush is a toothbrush handle for all toothbrushes. After connecting with a mobile phone or tablet, brushing your teeth into a game, the built-in motion sensor can detect whether it is brushed to each tooth, and guide the children to correct the brushing method on the device. It’s really fun and practical!

  • Brushing your teeth into a game (multiple game selections)
  • Built-in motion sensor can detect whether each tooth is brushed to ensure the health of children
  • The game also guides the children to brush their teeth correctly.
  • Can be shared within the family to increase parent-child play time (the game allows up to 8 configurations at the same time)

For Locker Self-pickup Product

  • Self-pick up password will be sent through SMS (the Hong Kong mobile number which inputted in the order) by the next working days upon receiving the confirmation email
  • Customer can pick up the goods within 72 hours upon receiving the self-pick up password SMS at selected locker
  • The self-pick up password will be invalid after 72 hours. Customer can visit CLP Smart [email protected] Tung to pick up the goods within one month. (Please refer Non-Locker Self-Pickup T&C for details)
  • Customer should check the self-pickup product(s) at the pickup location. The collected product is neither returnable nor refundable after confirmation. No bag will be provided at the pickup location.
  • No delivery service will be provided for pick-up products 

  • For iOS, Android and Kindle
  • Suitable for any manual toothbrush (Playbrush can not be used with electric toothbrush)
  • USB charging
  • Charging cable and toothbrush are provided in the package
  • Waterproof
  • Color: blue

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