Washwow Electronic Washing Machine *Limited 4 units(Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)

Washwow Electronic Washing Machine *Limited 4 units(Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)


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Washwow Electronic Washing Machine

  • Normal clothing and underwear in the use of the technology, do not add detergent washing chemical substances can also be cleaned. Put an end to the two pollution. At the same time, there is no pollution to the natural environment, More environmentally friendly.
  • The use of the technology after cleaning, take out the sun, even in the rainy season, the clothes are not easy to dry days In the air, clothes will not grow mildew or smell, and they can be kept clean.
  • The use of the technology, cleaning without mechanical movement, no friction, no wear and tear on the clothes, especially Some high-end clothes have a protective effect.
  • Water saving, power saving, small size, portable, you can carry.
  • This product has bactericidal effect, can be used for household disinfection, washing toys, bottles, disinfection, flushing toilets.

How to use:

  1. According to the number of clothes (usually not more than 1KG), select the appropriate containers (buckets, basins and so on).
  2. Put the clothes in the container and add water as much as possible to keep the water out of the clothes. Don't add any washing powder Or detergent.
  3. After the power supply, the decomposer into the water, choose the time you need to clean.
  4. Time selection key, press one is 20 minutes, press two times continuously is 25 minutes, press three times continuously, it is 30 minutes.
  5. The end of the wash, remove the clothes, and then use water to soak, wring dry.

For Locker Self-pickup Product

  • Self-pick up password will be sent through SMS (the Hong Kong mobile number which inputted in the order) by the next working days upon receiving the confirmation email
  • Customer can pick up the goods within 72 hours upon receiving the self-pick up password SMS at selected locker
  • The self-pick up password will be invalid after 72 hours. Customer can visit CLP Smart [email protected] Tung to pick up the goods within one month. (Please refer Non-Locker Self-Pickup T&C for details)
  • Customer should check the self-pickup product(s) at the pickup location. The collected product is neither returnable nor refundable after confirmation. No bag will be provided at the pickup location.
  • No delivery service will be provided for pick-up products 

  • Rated power supply voltage: 100-240V2.0A
  • Rated power: ≤24W (12V2A)
  • Net weight: 271g
  • Size: 102 x 72 x 26mm
  • Power cord length: 90cm and 140cm, total length is about 230cm

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