Grab 'n' Go Reusable Food Bag - Leaf (1 pc) (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)

Grab 'n' Go Reusable Food Bag - Leaf (1 pc) (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)

Grab 'n' Go

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Grab‘n’Go Reusable Food Bag - Leaf

The trend is about environmental protection, you can do it! Buying a bag of disposable plastic bags every day, you will waste more than 300 in a year! But holding a food box every day is a hassle. The Grab ‘n’ Go green bag uses a scrolling design that is very light to carry and can be adjusted to different sizes according to different needs. And the food bag is made of BPA free material, which can directly contact the food, so you can rest assured! The most special food bag inner layer can be waterproof and leakproof, and it is a problem to carry any food! A set of 3 models, matching with the mood, cleaning and drying have also been replaced. There is a Grab ‘n’ Go food bag, everyone can easily be an environmental pioneer!

  • Large capacity, can put a few bread
  • The inner layer is TPU thin glue, BPA Free, heat resistant up to 120 degrees, and can be directly in contact with food.
  • The inner layer is completely waterproof and leakproof, and can be placed in soup or juicy food, such as cold noodles, salad, etc.
  • Freely adjust the size of the food bag through the scrolling design
  • The top is a sturdy rubber buckle hand-drawn design that can be placed on a rucksack trolley, which is easier to carry and not afraid of flattening food.
  • The bottom is round cushion with support
  • Easy to remove the inner layer and put it into the washing machine for cleaning

For Locker Self-pickup Product

  • Self-pick up password will be sent through SMS (the Hong Kong mobile number which inputted in the order) by the next working days upon receiving the confirmation email
  • Customer can pick up the goods within 72 hours upon receiving the self-pick up password SMS at selected locker
  • The self-pick up password will be invalid after 72 hours. Customer can visit CLP Smart [email protected] Tung to pick up the goods within one month. (Please refer Non-Locker Self-Pickup T&C for details)
  • Customer should check the self-pickup product(s) at the pickup location. The collected product is neither returnable nor refundable after confirmation. No bag will be provided at the pickup location.
  • No delivery service will be provided for pick-up products 

  • Size: 14 cm x 28 cm x 21 cm

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