Selected Estate - 2HP Inverter Cool/Heat Split Type Air-Conditioner FTXS50FVMA8 (Supplier standard installation included)

Selected Estate - 2HP Inverter Cool/Heat Split Type Air-Conditioner FTXS50FVMA8 (Supplier standard installation included)


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HK$ 16,800

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DAIKIN 2HP Inverter Cool/Heat Split Type Air-Conditioner FTXS50FVMA8

Daikin energy-saving technologies

  • Swing compressor 
    • hanks to its smooth rotation, the swing compressor decreases friction and vibration. It also prevents the leakage of refrigerant gas during compression. These advantages provide quiet and efficient operation.
  • Reluctance DC motor
    • Daikin DC Inverter models are equipped with the Reluctance DC motor for compressor. The Reluctance DC motor uses 2 different types of torque, neodymium magnet*¹ and reluctance torque*². This motor can save energy because it generates more power with a smaller electric power than an AC or conventional DC motor.
    • *¹. A neodymium magnet is approximately 10 times stronger than a standard ferrite magnet. 
    • *². The torque created by the change in power between the iron and magnet parts.
  • PAM control 
    • Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) control reduces energy loss by controlling the amount of switching on/off of the converter.

Quiet operation

  • Indoor unit
    • Note: Capacity may decrease when quiet functions are selected.
  • Indoor unit 
    • A quiet outdoor unit is essential for your comfort and peace in your neighbourhood. Super Multi NX achieves a quiet sound level of 45 dB (A) during Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation of the 2MXS50 duringt cooling operation. The minimum outdoor unit sound level is 44 dB (A).*
      * This value is achievable when Indoor Unit Quiet Operation and Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation are both selected for all indoor units in operation.
      Note: Capacity may decrease when quiet functions are selected.
  • Comfortable temperature control
    • Non-inverter air conditioners can only perform simple on/off operation. They start operation when the temperature rises and stop when the room reaches the set temperature and then switch to low-capacity operation.
    • As a result, inverter air conditioners are more energy-saving and comfortable than non-inverter air conditioners.
  • Stylish indoor units for elegant interiors
    • The stylish flat panel design of the wall-mounted type provides an excellent match for interiors.
    • Only 240 mm is required above the ceiling for installation.
    • Compact and flexible design provides a comfortable interior space
  • Compact outdoor units for a less obtrusive exterior look
    • The system requires only a single outdoor unit. The compact design provides installation flexibility and takes up less space, for a less obtrusive exterior look.
  • Long piping length for installation flexibility
    • The ample maximum piping length of 70 m permits more freedom in the placement of air conditioner units and facilitates the optimisation of interior space.


  • Grade 1 energy label
  • Air Flow Rate (Cooling/Heating): 245/270
  • Sound Level (H/L/SL): 44/35/32
  • Dimensions Indoor (H x W x D): 290 x 1050 x 238mm
  • Dimensions Outdoor (H x W x D): 735 x 825 x 300mm
  • Machine Weight(kg): 12
  • One year warranty

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