Halogen Cooking Pot CKY-888 (Free Casserole Pot - CKA-POT1 + Poultry Shears - KSC-398 + 'Handmade Gift for Special Days' Cookbook, Total Gifts Value $899)

Halogen Cooking Pot CKY-888 (Free Casserole Pot - CKA-POT1 + Poultry Shears - KSC-398 + 'Handmade Gift for Special Days' Cookbook, Total Gifts Value $899)

German Pool

HK$ 1,920

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German Pool Halogen Cooking Pot CKY-888

  • Superbly User-Friendly Delighting You with Healthy Dishes
    • The German Pool Halogen Cooking Pot can grill, steam, bake, toast, broil, roast, re-heat and defrost through its easy one-button operation. Not producing any radiation, the Halogen Cooking Pot combines FIR penetration with convection and conduction. It allows you to prepare a healthy meal quickly and safely.
  • Efficient 3-Way Halogen Heating
    • The infrared rays cook rapidly through heat conduction, convection and direct heat penetration. The excess fat in food is forced out, waiving the need for additional cooking oil. What’s more, this way of cooking emits no harmful radiation during the process!
  • Flameless | Fumeless | Oil-Free
    • No oil is needed during the preparation and cooking processes. Heat waves can penetrate directly into the food, effectively driving out grease. Thus, the cholesterol content can be kept to a minimum.
  • 12 Cooking Modes
    • The Halogen Cooking Pot is a combination of electric grill, rice cooker, conventional oven, microwave oven, toaster, stewing pot and skillet. The unique one-button operation enables you to create perfect dishes with the perfect temperature and timing. You can also adjust time and temperature flexibly.
  • French-Made Premium Glass Container
    • Premium heat-resistant glass can withstand a temperature difference of up to 180°C.
  • Soft-Touch Control Panel
    • The one-press screen control panel allows precise control and monitoring of cooking temperature and time.
  • "Easy-Lift" Pot Lid
    • Without the need to set aside the lid, the unique, convenient design keeps the kitchen cluster-free.

Self Cleaning :

  • Dissolve Grease with Steam
    • Fill Glass Container half-full with clean water. Press Turbo button to dissolve grease with hot steam. Remove water. Repeat once.
  • Sterilize with Heat
    • Press Turbo button to sterilize and dry the Glass Container with high heat.
  • Air-Dry
    • Open lid to air-dry and cool down Halogen Cooking Pot. Done.

Gift: German Pool Casserole Pot (CKA-POT1) (Original Price: $120)

  • CKA-POT1
  • Ideal for making rice casserole, cake, soup, etc.
  • Special hollow design to promote circulation
  • Heat to be delivered to the core of food
  • Compatible with 12L & 7L models

Gift: German Pool Poultry Shears (KSC-398) (Original Price: $690)

  • German high carbon stainless steel blade 
  • 3.5mm thick serrated blade 
  • Safety lock protection 
  • Soft grip handle design

Gift: “Handmade Gift for Special Days” Cookbook (Original Price: $89)

  • We all celebrate festivals and special occasions by offering gifts to our loved ones. Nevertheless, it is not always an easy task thinking of what to buy. Have you ever thought of making your own gifts?
  • In “Handmade Gift for Special Days”, the German Pool Happy Kitchen Team presents you with 40 different festive food recipes, such as turnip cakes for Lunar New Year, chocolates for Valentine’s Day and gingerbread men for Christmas. What makes this cookbook more unique is that it also includes numerous DIY wrapping ideas, allowing you to present your gifts to your loved ones in a beautiful packaging.

Notes of Self Pick-up:

  • For self-pickup product, customers can collect the products at the selected location after ten working days upon receiving the confirmation email and within one month of receiving the confirmation email.
  • A valid confirmation email and front side copy of the credit card must be presented at the pickup counter to collect the product. Printed copies are not acceptable.

  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Power: 1,300 W
  • Capacity: 12 (+5) L
  • Colour: White
  • “Easy-Lift” Cooking Pot Lid
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 306 x 330 x 476 mm
  • Packing Dimensions (H x W x D): 355 x 390 x 458 mm
  • Net Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Gross Weight With Packing: 9.2 kg
  • Temperature: 50 °C - 250 °C
  • Control Panel: Button Control
  • One year warranty