3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill KQB-315BK (Free Korean BBQ Grill Pan Accessories Set KQA-SET3 + Stainless Steel Knife Set KSW-SET6-GN + Cookbook, Total Gifts Value $1,379)

3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill KQB-315BK (Free Korean BBQ Grill Pan Accessories Set KQA-SET3 + Stainless Steel Knife Set KSW-SET6-GN + Cookbook, Total Gifts Value $1,379)

German Pool

HK$ 2,320

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German Pool 3D Infrared Korean Barbecue Grill KQB-315BK

The brand new Korean Barbecue Grill uses a 3-way infrared heating system to cook food without any cooking oil. The 'Sun-Ray' ridges on the grill pan guide excess fat into the oil reservoir to facilitate low-fat barbecuing, bringing you a healthy, fumeless and flameless indoor barbecue experience.

  • Halogen 3-way efficient heating
    • Infrared rays rapidly cook by way of heat conduction, convection and direct heat penetration. The excess fat in the food is forced out, waiving the need for additional cooking oil. What’s more, this way of cooking emits no harmful radiation in the process!
  • Innovative Oil Drainage & Fumeless Design
    • The sun-ray ridges on the grill pan guides away the excess fat into the oil reservoir beneath the grill pan for healthier cooking and easier cleaning. The location of the upper heating element prevents excess fuming.
  • Innovative Grill Pan with Sun-ray Ridges
    • The grill pan features 'Sun-Ray' ridges which guide away excess fat along a gentle slope into the oil reservoir. The pan is coated with Teflon to make it non-stick and easy to clean.
  • Detachable Oil Reservoir
    • Simply pop the oil reservoir into its dedicated slot beneath the grill pan to collect excess grease. After use, simply tip away the excess fat. Simple!
  • Fumeless Indoor BBQ
    • The use of an upper element prevents fuming, which makes this indoor barbecue experience all the more cleaner and healthier.
  • 120°Heating Swing Arm
    • The mobile heating arm can be rotated 60° left or right for easy addition or retrieval of food. When the heating arm is displaced, heating automatically stops, and resumes when the heating arm returns to its original position.
  • 360°Auto-Rotate Grill Pan
    • The 360° auto-rotate grill pan grills the food evenly. What's more, the automatic rotation makes sharing of food more convenient, and more fun!
  • Heating Inverter System
    • With a broad temperature range of 80 - 280°C , the heating inverter system enables low temperature cooking and prevents heat loss.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
    • One-press touch screen control panel for precise control and monitoring of cooking temperature and time.
  • Perfect for Steam Grilling
    • Switch into the circular grill pan, add the steam ring and stainless steel wire shelf, and pour in water for steam grilling!


  1. Rinse the grill pan with fairy liquid. Scrub gently with a sponge.
  2. Clean the “Sun-ray” ridges.
  3. Remove the oil reservoir and scrub with water and fairy liquid.

Gift: German Pool Korean BBQ Grill Pan Accessories Set (KQA-SET3) (Original Price: $300)

  • Korean Barbecue Grill Oil Collector KQB-315

Gift: German Pool Stainless Steel Knife Set (6 pcs) (KSW-SET6-GN) (Original Price: $990)

  • Sharp and durable stainless steel blade
  • Food grade non-stick coating
  • Natural and mold-free wheat straw handle
  • Ideal for gifts - looks sharp too

Gift: “A Taste of Korean Drama Inspired Home Cooking” Cookbook (Original Price: $89)

  • Korean dramas are never more popular lately and cuisines appeared in the dramas are often exceptionally appealing. Wanna have a taste of the dishes without actually flying to Korea? Try making them at home! “A Taste of Korean Drama Inspired Home Cooking” consists of recipes of 40 Korean drama dishes as well as Korean appetizers. With the cookbook, making Korean dishes at home is a piece of cake and you can be in Seoul in an instant!

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  • Temperature Range: 80 ~ 280 °C
  • Time Setting Range: 0-99 mins
  • Control Panel: Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 286 x 470 x 360 mm
  • Packing Dimensions (H x W x D): 327 x 500 x 386 mm
  • Net Weight: 3.45 kg
  • Gross Weight With Packing: 4.9 kg
  • One year warranty