Induction Cooker ZIC-6788 零售價 $5690

Induction Cooker ZIC-6788 零售價 $5690


HK$ 4,690 HK$ 5,690

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Zanussi Induction Cooker  ZIC-6788

Zanussi IC Induction Cooker ZIC-6788 is a 75cm two-burners electric stove. Its power output can reach up to 2300W, which is definitely an ideal choice for a evenly powerful, yet quiet cooking experience!

  • Electronic Sense Touch control
  • Booster Function︰Left:2.3kW(2.8kW); Right:2.3kW(0kW)
  • EURO KERA Ceramic Glass
  • Germany E.G.O PCB
  • Different Safety Devices
  • With Grade 2 energy label

Generally speaking, an Induction Cooker with above 2000W power enables Chinese frying style at home. Since the heat is induced straightly at the cookware, it saves at least 30% of enegrgy consumption compared with conventional cooking method; and its rapid heat up can save up 1/3 of your cooking time!

Zanussi IC Induction Cooker ZIC-6788 is very versatile for users, you can either opt for free-standing or built-in mode, and it supports plug-and-use at common 13A socket outlet. Through the electronic sense touch panel, you can easily adjust to 9 power levels and set timers. IC Induction Cooker ZIC-6788 is well manufactured with EURO KERA French Ceramic Glass, and German E.G.O. printed circuit board. Let alone the safety lock function, it has already been an ideal choice for effortless cooking!

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  • Body Type: Free Standing / Built-in
  • Max. Power (kW): Total: 2.8 kW (L: 2.3 kW / R: 2.3 kW)
  • Power Adjustment: 9 levels
  • Timer Setting (minute): 1 min-1 hr 39 mins / 2-5 hrs
  • Head Numbers: 2
  • 13 A plug & Use
  • Safety Lock
  • Hole Size (mm: width x depth): 615 x 312 mm
  • Size (mm: width x depth x height) : 650 x 350 x 56 mm
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty: 1 year