VC 5 Cordless Premium Vacuum Cleaner

VC 5 Cordless Premium Vacuum Cleaner


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KÄRCHER VC 5 Cordless Premium Vacuum Cleaner

The VC 5 Cordless Premium enables maximum convenience when vacuuming. The 25.2 V lithium-ion battery provides power for 60 minutes of thorough vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner also saves the user from having to drag around a separate unit – for even more freedom of movement. The device can be telescopically compacted for easy storage or while charging: Simply press the button and push the patented triple-telescope system allows you to push the device together. Further highlights include highly efficient motor and switchable Kärcher floor nozzle with a particularly compact design and a special air channel for low power consumption. Achieves optimum cleaning results on all hard floors and carpets. The Premium version also features a HEPA hygiene filter (EN 1822:1998) for clean exhaust air and practical accessories for cleaning upholstery, sensitive surfaces and hard-to-reach areas (upholsterynozzle, soft dusting brush and crevice nozzle). The bagless filter system with integrated filter cleaning saves on expensive replacement filter bags and enables the filter to be emptied quickly, simply by removing the filter box.

  • Long running time
    • Up to 60 minutes run time at the lowest power level. Up to 15 minutes run time at the highest power level. Three-stage battery level indicator shows the remaining run time.
  • Three-stage power control
    • The power can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit the particular application.
  • Convenient charging
    • Three-stage battery level indicator. Battery can be fully recharged in just three hours. Charging stop function and overload protection ensure that the battery is protected.
  • Triple-telescopic suction tube
    • The device can be reduced to half its size at the push of a button.
      • Easily stored in the smallest of spaces.
      • Optimum adjustment of the suction tube to suit the user's height or the task being carried out.
  • Switchable floor nozzle with flexible joint
    • Excellent dirt pick-up on hard floors and carpets.
    • Excellent manoeuvrability and easy to clean under furniture.
  • Three-stage bagless filter system
    • No need to buy replacement filter bags.
    • Automatic filter cleaning when the filter cover is opened.
    • HEPA hygiene filter (EN 1822:1998) for especially clean exhaust air.
  • Magnetic parking position
    • Quick and secure device parking during working interruptions.
    • Compact transportation of the device.
  • Detachable floor nozzle
    • Option to attach additional accessories for ideal cleaning in every area of the home.

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  • Battery voltage: 25.2(V)
  • Runtime min. mode: 60(min)
  • Runtime max. mode: 15(min)
  • Battery charging time 100%: 180(min)
  • Battery charging time 80%: 144(min)
  • Current type charger: 100 - 240 / 50 - 60(V/Hz)
  • Weight without accessories: 2.9(kg)
  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 182 x 261 x 621(mm)