2HP Inverter Window Type Heat Pump Air-Conditioner RC-HZ180Y (Supplier standard installation included)

2HP Inverter Window Type Heat Pump Air-Conditioner RC-HZ180Y (Supplier standard installation included)


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Rasonic 2HP Inverter Window Type Heat Pump Air-Conditioner RC-HZ180Y

A type of Rasonic variable frequency air conditioner was tested by the consumer council which concluded that the cooling capacity validate as claimed and is the best among all tested samples. Having 30 percent reduction in electric bill compared to the top model. The R32 refrigerant in Rasonic air conditioner has higher cooling capacity than R410A which ordinary air conditioners use, together with cooler air flow and more environmental friendly. For an energy saver and environment friendly one, Rasonic is the best choice. 2HP air conditioners are suitable for 160-200 feet area in general and hence fits average bedrooms and living rooms in Hong Kong.

  • Remote Control and LCD display panel
  • Inverter
    • Adjusts output power finely to maintain a constant temperature and save energy
  • This equipped double fan motor and with compressor with acoustic material
    • Enhance the quietness during operation
  • Dehumidifying Function
    • Allows you to dehumidify when it is humid but not that hot.
  • 12-hour On/Off setting
  • Quiet mode
  • Powerful mode
  • 4 in 1 air filter
    • Effective in suppressing bacteria, virus, allergens and mold
  • Removable ,washable Panel
  • Blue fin condenser
    • Anti rust property allows three times more durable comparing to ordinary radiator.
  • Ventilation control
  • Air swing control
  • 4-Way Air Deflection System
  • R32 Refrigerant
    • High Cooling capacity, High efficiency, Eco, Save 10% more energy compares to R410A.

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  • Energy Label: Grade 1
  • Cooling Capacity: 17100 (5119-18430) Btu/h
  • Heating Capacity: 17100 (4778-18088) Btu/h
  • Electrical DataVoltage: 220 V
  • Power inputCooling: 1950 (427-2250)W
  • Heat Pump: 1850 (355-1907)W
  • Air Flow: 11.0 m3/min
  • Moisture Removal Volume: 2.9 L/h
  • Net Weight: 65 kg
  • Size (H x W x D): 428 x 660 x 800 mm
  • Running CurrentCooling: 9.3 A
  • Heating: 8.9 A
  • 3 years warranty