1HP Window Type Air-Conditioner RA-10MF

1HP Window Type Air-Conditioner RA-10MF


HK$ 3,150 HK$ 4,660

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Hitachi 1HP Window Type Air-Conditioner RA-10MF

Hitachi 1HP Window Type Air-Conditioner RA-10MF is suitable for area about 80-100 ftand hence fits average household in Hong Kong. It is awarded Energy Label Grade 1 (window type air conditioners of Grade 1 can on average save up to 25% of energy than those of Grade 5).

It uses WASABI Nano Titanium filter and Nano Titanium pre-filter, which effectively block bacteria and moles, prevent allergy and eliminate smell, safeguarding your family health. The 2 air windows in left and right, auto swing of deflectors and anti-bacteria turbo fan ensure that every corner of your flat can definitely enjoy the comfortable coolness. So cool~

  • Horse Power: 1 HP
  • WASABI Nano Titanium Filter
  • Nano Titanium Pre-Filter
  • 2 Air Windows in Left & Right
  • Auto Swing of Deflectors
  • Anti-bacteria Turbo Fan
  • Green Coating
  • Detachable Front Panel
  • Drainless Design
  • Low Noise Design

  • Energy Label Grade 1
  • Size(mm: width x depth x height): 470 x 640 x 345 mm
  • Air Circulation (m3/hr):450 m3/hr
  • Cool/Heat Capacity (Btu/hr):Cooling: 9,040
  • Power Consumption (kW):0.970 kW
  • EER:2.73 W/W
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Warranty: 3-year