Thermometer and Hygrometer_Retail Price: $149 (Earilest pick up on 16/9)

Thermometer and Hygrometer_Retail Price: $149 (Earilest pick up on 16/9)


HK$ 99

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SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer

  • 「Install in 3 seconds and place it anywhere」Magnet the Meter on your fridge directly or any vertical surface with the iron plate in box.
  • 「Always accurate」The Swiss-made sensor monitors the environment reliably and 24/7. Manage the temperature and humidity in the most accurate way.
  • 「Keep tracks」The Meter maintains the most recent 30 days of data while you are away. You could export all the data you care about.
  • 「Be promptly alerted」Set a desired condition and relax. The Meter alerts when you are near via Bluetooth. With the SwitchBot Hub, you can be alerted from anywhere through the Internet.
  • 「Even better with home automation」With the SwitchBot Hub, the Meter works with IFTTT for home automation. For example, turn ON/OFF air conditioner for your desired condition.
  • Hot sell in Japan.

Notes of Self Pick-up:

  • For self-pickup product, customers can collect the products at the selected location after 16/9/2019 upon receiving the confirmation email and within one month of receiving the confirmation email.
  • A valid confirmation email and front side copy of the credit card must be presented at the pickup counter to collect the product. Printed copies are not acceptable.

  • Dimensions: 55mm x 55mm x 24mm / 2.17" x 2.17" x 0.94"
  • Compatibility: iOS 8+, Android 4.3+
  • Temperature Range: -20°C~80°C (-4°F~176°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy:
    • (-20°C~0°C/-4°F~32°F): ±0.4°C/±0.7°F typical
    • (0°C~65°C/32°F~149°F): ±0.2°C/±0.4°F typical
    • (65°C~80°C/149°F~176°F): ±0.3°C/±0.5°F typical
  • Humidity Range: 0~99%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy:
    • (25°C/77°F, 10%~90%RH): ±2% typical
    • (25°C/77°F, 0%~10%, 90%~99%RH): ±4% typical
  • Weight: 75g / 2.7oz
  • Battery: AAA x 2
  • Battery Life: Typ. over 1 year (more in normal conditions, less in extreme cold)
  • Color: Pearl White
  • Warranty: 12 months