Selected Estate - Magnetic Stress-Relief Pillow NP200PLW15_Retail Price: $1,399

Selected Estate - Magnetic Stress-Relief Pillow NP200PLW15_Retail Price: $1,399


HK$ 549

CLP staff will contact customer by phone for confirmation of delivery date and additional installation service charges if required.
This promotion offer is only applicable to New Move In of Po Shek Wu Estate, Shek Mun Estate, So Uk Estate, Yau Lai Estate, Lai Tsui Court, Sau Mau Ping Estate
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Casablanca Magnetic Stress-Relief Pillow NP200PLW15

In the earth, all materials have weak or strongmagnetic fields. Magnetic field in the human body consists of the movement ofthe bioelectric loads. Therefore, heart, muscles, organs and brain have acertain magnetic field. Seen in astronauts sent into space and prolongedfatigue, muscle pain, sleep and concentration disorders are caused by a lack ofEarth's magnetic field. With the material with function of Magnetic Therapyintroduced by Comfytex from Turkey, the used material can help increasing thelevel of transmission of oxygen in blood and enhancing the blood circulation,while also relax muscles and help regulating circadian rhythms of sleep.

  • Improve blood circulation
    • By affecting the iron in Magnetic field, the used material from Turkey can help increasing the level of transmission of oxygen in blood and enhancing the blood circulation.
  • Regulate sleep
    • "Melatonin" is a kind of hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. By helping to secret melatonin from the pineal gland, it helps regulate circadian rhythms of sleep.
  • Relax Muscle
    • The magnetic function can also help relaxing muscles and improve sleep quality.
  • Recover Energy
    • Magnetic waves activate cells for better energy recovery after sleep.


  • 15.5 x 23.5"+4"/4.5" (40*60+10/12cm)_(Retail Price: $1,399)

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