(Promotion period unitl 30, April)UTS Water purifier - WP4161(Include Delivery and installation service)**Retail Price:$3888

(Promotion period unitl 30, April)UTS Water purifier - WP4161(Include Delivery and installation service)**Retail Price:$3888


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  • Product Details
  • Specification

UTS Water purifier - WP4161

  • AquaShield Multi-filtration Technology
    • Removes 99.9%*bacteria and cysts
    • Removes up to 99.9%* soluble lead compounds, heavy metals, parasites, Insecticide (CAT), volatile organic compounds (VOC), residual chlorine, odor and other impurities
  • AquaSense intelligent display
    • Accurately monitor filter usage, reminds users to replace filter on time.
    • Make invisible water quality change visible with technology
  • QuickTwist Technology
    • Replace filter with simple steps
    • Unique water – blocking technology allow filter change without stopping water source
    • The integrated disposable filter element prevents the internal system from contamination
  • Pro-Lifetime filtration
    • Sophisticated design, the filter cartridge is long-lasting and durable, maintaining high filtration efficiency at all times
  • One-piece design reduces the risk of water leakage
  • Works without power and no water wastage
  • Retains healthy minerals for human body
  • Filter model: WP3975, WP 3977 and WP3985
  • International certification, drink with peace of mind
  • Tested by independent third-party laboratory SGS and international certification and testing agency Bureau Veritas
  • 2 years guarantee

**Free installation fee of $480 until April 30, 2020 (the installation master will directly take the goods to the customer's address for installation).

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  • General specifications
    • Dimensiona(mm)(L x W x H): 348*116*357
    • Product Net Weight(kg): 4
    • Rated water flow rate: 2L/min
    • Replacement filter cartridge: PEGA: WP3975, CB: WP3977 & UF: WP3985
  • Country of origin
    • System: China
    • Replacement filter: China
  • Filtering system: Ultra-filtration
  • Micro rating: 0.1 Micron
  • Filter specifications
    • Filtration capacity: 4000L
    • Main filter media: Pre-filter, Coconut shell granular activated carbon, Anti-bacterial activated carbon and Hollow fibre membrane.
    • Cartridge life: 6 - 12 months
  • Purification Functions
    • Bacteria removal: Yes, up to 99.9%*
    • Removes Chlorine & Odour: Yes
    • Removes Sediments: Yes
    • Removes Cysts: Yes
    • Removes Heavy Metals: Yes
    • Removes Soluble Lead Compounds: Yes
    • Removes pesticides (CAT): Yes
    • Removes Volatile Organic Compound (VOC): Yes
    • Removes Trihalomethanes: Yes
  • Water input conditions
    • Input water pressure: 0.2 – 0.4MPa (2-4 Bar)
    • Input water temperature: 5-38  °C
    • Input water quality: Municipal tap water
  • Acessories: Gooseneck faucet assembly, adapter, AAA battery, Screw, expansion tube, Three-way takeover, 3/8” PE tube