(Promotion period unitl 30, June)Selected Estate - UTS Water purifier - WP4161(Include delivery and installation service)**Retail Price:$3888

(Promotion period unitl 30, June)Selected Estate - UTS Water purifier - WP4161(Include delivery and installation service)**Retail Price:$3888


Available options :

HK$ 3,421

CLP staff will contact customer by phone for confirmation of delivery date and additional installation service charges if required.
This promotion offer is only applicable to New Move In of Po Shek Wu Estate, Shek Mun Estate, So Uk Estate, Yau Lai Estate, Lai Tsui Court, Sau Mau Ping Estate
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  • Specification

UTS Water purifier - WP4161

  • AquaShield Multi-filtration Technology
    • Removes 99.9%*bacteria and cysts
    • Removes up to 99.9%* soluble lead compounds, heavy metals, parasites, Insecticide (CAT), volatile organic compounds (VOC), residual chlorine, odor and other impurities
  • AquaSense intelligent display
    • Accurately monitor filter usage, reminds users to replace filter on time.
    • Make invisible water quality change visible with technology
  • QuickTwist Technology
    • Replace filter with simple steps
    • Unique water – blocking technology allow filter change without stopping water source
    • The integrated disposable filter element prevents the internal system from contamination
  • Pro-Lifetime filtration
    • Sophisticated design, the filter cartridge is long-lasting and durable, maintaining high filtration efficiency at all times
  • One-piece design reduces the risk of water leakage
  • Works without power and no water wastage
  • Retains healthy minerals for human body
  • Filter model: WP3975, WP 3977 and WP3985
  • International certification, drink with peace of mind
  • Tested by independent third-party laboratory SGS and international certification and testing agency Bureau Veritas
  • 2 years guarantee

** free installation fee of $480 until June  30, 2020 (the installation master will directly take the goods to the customer's address for installation).

  • General specifications
    • Dimensiona(mm)(L x W x H): 348*116*357
    • Product Net Weight(kg): 4
    • Rated water flow rate: 2L/min
    • Replacement filter cartridge: PEGA: WP3975, CB: WP3977 & UF: WP3985
  • Country of origin
    • System: China
    • Replacement filter: China
  • Filtering system: Ultra-filtration
  • Micro rating: 0.1 Micron
  • Filter specifications
    • Filtration capacity: 4000L
    • Main filter media: Pre-filter, Coconut shell granular activated carbon, Anti-bacterial activated carbon and Hollow fibre membrane.
    • Cartridge life: 6 - 12 months
  • Purification Functions
    • Bacteria removal: Yes, up to 99.9%*
    • Removes Chlorine & Odour: Yes
    • Removes Sediments: Yes
    • Removes Cysts: Yes
    • Removes Heavy Metals: Yes
    • Removes Soluble Lead Compounds: Yes
    • Removes pesticides (CAT): Yes
    • Removes Volatile Organic Compound (VOC): Yes
    • Removes Trihalomethanes: Yes
  • Water input conditions
    • Input water pressure: 0.2 – 0.4MPa (2-4 Bar)
    • Input water temperature: 5-38  °C
    • Input water quality: Municipal tap water
  • Acessories: Gooseneck faucet assembly, adapter, AAA battery, Screw, expansion tube, Three-way takeover, 3/8” PE tube