Unvented Type Speed Heat Storage Electric Water Heater (19L) USL21 (Supplier standard installation included)

Unvented Type Speed Heat Storage Electric Water Heater (19L) USL21 (Supplier standard installation included)


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Esaar Central storage type Electric Water Heater (Left side exhaustion) USL-21

Ultra thin|Compact|Safe Small bathroom compatible

Esaar USL-21 comes in a ultra-thin body design, 19 liters storage capacity and only 18.5cm thick which is ideal for compact bathroom. Instant heat up takes only 5 minutes for a comfortable shower. Most Essar electric water heater‘s component are manufacture by the infamous German brand EGO. Together with multi safety system, compact design and low flow shower head, Esaar electric water heater provides high water and energy efficiency.

  • Only 5 minute preparation
    • With break through thermotechnology, it takes only 5 minutes to heat up water by 20 degrees, way faster than traditional water heater. Combine with low flow shower head allows a sustainable 40 degrees warm shower for 30 minutes.
  • 18.5cm body thickness
    • 19Liters capacity for only 18.5cm thickness, ideal for compact size bathroom
  • High gauge German EGO adjustable thermostat
    • Up to 75 degree, adjustable for ideal temperature in consistence as well as energy efficiency.
  • Pressure & Temperature relief Valve (PTV)
    • In case of overheating or pressure overload, PTV should be open to relieve pressure for safety.
  • Bundle with grade 1 efficiency shower head
    • Approved by water supplies department HK, saving water by to 40 to 60%

Esaar is a home electric appliance manufacturer, its products combines European aesthetics and Asian consumerism, most products are imported from German EGO.

Website: http://www.esaar-elec.com/cnproductDetail8-edn21.asp

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  • Type : Unvented Storage Type
  • Power: 3,000W
  • Dimension (width x depth x height) : 430 x185 x 660 mm
  • Capacity (Liter) : 19
  • Warranty : 1-year for appliance, 10-year for inner tank
  • Multi-inner water tank design

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