Wireless Vacuum Cleaner VC28

Wireless Vacuum Cleaner VC28


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Wireless Vacuum Cleaner VC28

  • Three big brush heads take care of every dust area in the whole house
    • Equipped with small hair brush/two-in-one long flat suction nozzle to deal with different environments
    • With a rolling brush, it is easier to clean the floor
  • Patent internal cyclone dust gas separation, fresh exhaust without pollution
    • Developed a new internal cyclone filtration method. Large centrifugal force separates dust and air. The dust and trash are locked in the cup, and the air is filtered again by HEPA before being discharged
    • HEPA filter purifies and filters the nano-level dust, and the fresh exhaust surrounds the micro-porous cyclone tower to filter at the same time when entering the wind; after the wind is input, the cyclone separates the dust from the internal cyclone filter cabin with a large capacity of 0.6L, locking every dust
  • Lighter than 3 cans of cola
    • The vacuum cleaner host weighs less than 1kg, and it is easy to clean and save time and effort
  • 3000 rpm electric soft hair brush, it brushes 3000 times in 1 minute
    • Dust accumulated in large gaps is also clean
    • The electric soft fur brush is driven by an independent motor
  • 180° anti-wrap comb teeth design
    • The hair is not entangled. Comb structure with anti-hair entanglement is added. While suctioning, the hair on the roller brush is combed while sucking, and the hair is not entangled with the brush. There is no need to spend more time to clean up after vacuuming
  • Fully charged for 30 minutes, long-lasting battery life
    • It cleans a large area of 1200 feet of space at a time, and it is enough to sweep through the living room, bedroom, study, etc. once. It is a good companion for the large apartment and duplex apartment
  • Multi-dimensional noise-absorbing cotton filter noise

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  • Built -in lithium battery 14.4V, 2000mAH
  • Use time: 18-30 minutes
  • Charging time: around 4 hours
  • Specification
  • Machine size: 235*175*1150mm
  • Noise: <75db
  • Dust cup volume: 0.6L
  • Weight: 1.8KG
  • Size: 235x175x1150 mm
  • 1-year warranty

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