Rapid Heating Shower Storage Type Water Heater (15L) JN-4(SD Option**)/3kW (Supplier standard installation included)

Rapid Heating Shower Storage Type Water Heater (15L) JN-4(SD Option**)/3kW (Supplier standard installation included)


HK$ 3,200

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Jenfort|15L Electronic Water Heater- Rapid Storage Shower Type /JN4 (SD Option**)

Energy & water saving with quality shower|Class 1 Energy Label|Environmental choice

Jenfort water heater is equipped with energy-saving technology and a patented rapid heating system with Airjet Environmental Showerhead. 5 minutes of heating time is good for a stable supply of hot water. It preserves the temperature after heating, increasing usage time by more than 30%.  JN4 (SD Option**) Heater comes with a Digital temperature display. It reduces electricity usage by up to 60%, saving the environment and money, with the complement Airjet shower, 5 minutes of heating is enough for a comfortable shower.

  • SD Option** Suit
    • Provide quick heating cartridge, external throttle valve, Airjet water-saving shower-head, digital temperature display
  • Infinity Technic Energy Saving Technology
    • JenFort actively researches the most comfortable, enjoyable showering experience and without sacrificing the best environmental protection and energy-saving effect, for example, the heat conversion efficiency of the heating pipe, the setting of the insulation layer, etc.
  • Class 1 Energy Label of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
    • The storage-type electric water heater with the first-class energy label saves 30% of energy than the third-class and 60% of the energy of the fifth-class
  • Patented 5-minutes rapid heating
    • Built-in patented quick heating tube, using high-quality Incoloy alloy heating tube, exert the highest heating efficiency
  • Digital temperature display
    • Accurate temperature display with knob-type temperature control, freely adjustable from 35℃ to 80℃
  • Special stainless steel inner tank and high-density temperature preservation fiber insulation layer
    • Fully automated welding, stable product quality, and high density; maintain the water temperature of the inner tank, reduce heat loss and save energy
  • French Cotherm high-quality thermostat and overheat circuit breaker
    • Ensure accurate water temperature and product safety
  • Airjet environmental shower
    • Water Supplies Department Level 1 Water Efficiency Label can save about 40% to 60% of water
  • Hong Kong "Q-Mark" Quality Product Certification
    • The first full-line storage-type electric water heater in Hong Kong won the "Q-Mark" quality product certification
  • 5-fold safety design

Jenfort water heater began electric heater production back in the 70s. Shower type JN series Heater is suitable for most Hong Kong households. The water storage ranged from 15L to 23 L, and equipped with a 5 fold safety standard and a number of energy-saving technology. It is certified with Class 1 Mandatory Energy Efficiency Label and Hong Kong "Q-Mark" Quality Label. Both management and product design are well recognized.

Product Website:http://www.aplusgroup.hk/project/jn-2/

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Introduction of Rapid Heating EWH
Raise output water temperature by 20°C within 5 minutes(*). Provide water output continuously 40°C about 30 minutes at a flow rate less than 4 litres per minute after completely water heating of internal storage tank.
(*)Assume input water temperature 20°C - 25°C

CLP staffs will contact the customers by phone for the confirmation of delivery date and installation service fee within 2 working days.

*Delivery service is restricted to specific areas only(except outlying islands). For details, please contact our Energy Efficiency (Product and Service) Hotline

Tel: 2678 2626

Office hours: Mon - Sat, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (except Sundays and Public Holidays).

Include standard installation.

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  • Type : Shower Speedy Storage Type
  • Dimension(mm) (High x Width x Depth): 500x330x256
  • Capacity (Liter) : 15
  • Power: 3kW
  • Maximum Temperature: 85℃ 
  • Warranty : 2 years (10 Years Inner Tank)
  • **SD series accessory:
    • Speedy Heat Tank
    • Flow limiter
    • Airjet Eco Shower Head Set
    • Digital Temperature Display

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