Portable USB Air Purifier - DCASCAP-0

Portable USB Air Purifier - DCASCAP-0


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Portable USB Air Purifier - DCASCAP-0

  • Triple HEPA Filters
  • The filter should be replaced once every 23 months
  • Removes 94.07% of allergens, fine dust and other air pollutants
  • 3 modes off, level 1 fan, level 2 fan
  • Simple to operate, only one power button.
  • uses filtration methods thoroughly to purify the air
  • Airtory uses only the physical lter that don't go through chemical treatment and ozonefree way.
  • Attachable band for use with strollers and cradles
  • Air purifiers work quickly to help remove airborne particles from the air without allowing them to reenter the room and relieve allergies quickly.
  • Very good for small babies and preemie that is sensitive to the air
  • Portable Air Purifier for stroller or car
  • USB charged , battery capacity 2000mah
  • Works for 5 hours on 1st level, 2.5 hours on second level

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  • CADR rating: 3-15m2
  • Recommended temperature: -30 ゚ to 35 ゚
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V
  • Maximum use time: 5 hours (minimum strength)
  • The strongest wind speed: 4.23m / s
  • Maximum air volume: 762m3 / h
  • Purification range: PM10-PM2.5
  • HEPA filter: up to 94.07% purification
  • 1-year warranty

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