Ultra Silent Air Circulator GS-XH033 **Retail Price: $1,299 (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)

Ultra Silent Air Circulator GS-XH033 **Retail Price: $1,299 (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)


HK$ 1,299

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Bokuk Ultra Silent Air Circulator GS-XH033

1. Create a powerful stream of air that flows in a twisting spiral pattern and circulates the air in a room

2. 12 fan speeds that can move air up to 12m

3. Ultra silent design, only 30dB with the lowest wind speed

4. 4 Wind Modes

  • Normal Wind
    • Continuous straight and power airflow
  • Natural Wind
    • Simulating soft and comfortable natural wind
  • Sleep Wind
    • Simulating natural breeze with decreasing fan speed (1level per 30minutes)
  • Baby Wind
    • Soft and  gentle breeze in the lowest wind speed

5. 3D multidirectional oscillation, air flows farther and wider

6. With the use of cooling/heating equipment, air circulates to eliminate the temperature difference within a room

7. Intelligent timer function can be set from 0.5 hour to 10 hours

8. Digital display shows real-time room temperature; with touch sensitive button and remote control, operation is smart and visible

9. Simple design with handle, portable and flexible

10. The front grid spacing is only 5.7cm, fingers are not easy to put in; detachable design make cleaning easy

11. Suitable for different area within 25 sq. ft.

12. Multifunctional

  • With the use of cooling equipment
    • Operate the air circulator back to the cooling equipment to cool down the air by circulating the cool air from the bottom to the top
  • With the use of heating equipment
    • Operate the air circulator opposite to the heating equipment and upwards (45˚) to heat up the air by circulating the warm air from the top to the bottom
  • Indoor air circulation
    • Operate the air circulator towards ceiling to circulate the air in a room
  • Ventilation:
    • Operate the air circulator towards a window/door to ventilate the room
  • Air circulation between rooms
    • Operate the air circulator from one room towards another room to circulate the air between two rooms
  • Drying clothes indoor
  • Operate the air circulator towards the clothes to dry faster

For Locker Self-pickup Product

  • Self-pick up password will be sent through SMS (the Hong Kong mobile number which inputted in the order) by the next working days upon receiving the confirmation email
  • Customer can pick up the goods within 72 hours upon receiving the self-pick up password SMS at selected locker
  • The self-pick up password will be invalid after 72 hours. Customer can visit CLP Smart [email protected] Tung to pick up the goods within one month. (Please refer Non-Locker Self-Pickup T&C for details)
  • Customer should check the self-pickup product(s) at the pickup location. The collected product is neither returnable nor refundable after confirmation. No bag will be provided at the pickup location.
  • No delivery service will be provided for pick-up products

  • Product Rating: 220-240V 50Hz 35W
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 230 x 230 x 340(mm)
  • Net Weight:: 3Kg
  • 1 year warranty

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