Multi-function Electric Pressure Rice Cooker 98CRPR0680F

Multi-function Electric Pressure Rice Cooker 98CRPR0680F


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CUCKOO Multi-function Electric Pressure Rice Cooker

  • 1.8* High-Pressure Cooking Technology preserving nutrients
    • Makes the steam inject into the rice, in order to change the structure of starch to becomes sweeter and preserving nutrients
    • The rice grain air is discharged during the soaking at 1.8 high pressure and vacuum state, which makes the steam easier to inject into the rice in order to change the structure of starch to becomes sweeter. Pressure cooking is not only preserving nutrients and also shortens the cooking time.
  • X-Wall Black non-stick coating
    • High heat and high pressure resistance, also make it easier to clean
  • 11 Cooking Functions: White Rice, Turbo White Rice, Mixed Rice, Brown GABA, Baby Food, Porridge, Scorched Rice, Steam/Stew Dishes, High Heat White Rice, High Heat Mixed Rice, High Heat Brown GABA
  • GABA” function can be set-up by 2, 4 or 6 hours, which can eliminate complicate procedures such as soaking manually and changing water regularly
  • Turbo White Rice Mode can cook delicious rice in 18 minutes#, suitable for busy urbanites
  • Up to 12 hours preset function makes it easy to reserve cooking time and cook a variety of dishes
  • Intelligent keep warm function can keep cooked rice warm and tasty
  • Lid Locking Device ensures lid stays shut until the inner pressure is low and safe to open
  • Detachable inner lid prevents grain residue from clogging up and easy to clean
  • Soft Steam Cap surrounds the pressure pendulum and circulates the steam around the cap, also it will release the steam automatically
  • Double-layer rubber cover packing completely seals inner pot to prevent leakage of steam, preserve your food’s flavor, saves power by preventing cold air from entering
  • Inner Pot has integrated handles, convenient for carrying around
  • Water Drainage System collects excess water vapors after cooking is finished to maintain the flavor of food, keep your rice cooker clean & hygienic
  • Auto Steam Cleaning: A strong jet steam will be released to clean and sanitize the interior of the rice cooker
  • Made in Korea

*1.03kgf/cm² standard atmosphere + 0.8 kgf/cm² = 1.8kgf/cm²

#Only applies to 2 cups

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  • A valid confirmation email and front side copy of the credit card must be presented at the pickup counter to collect the product. Printed copies are not acceptable.

  • Origin: Korea
  • Size: 1.08L
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Capacity: 1.08L (2 - 6 cup)
  • Rated Voltage: 220V~, 50Hz
  • Rated Power: Cook 890W, Warm 105W

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