Under-the-sink water purifier AUT3234/97

Under-the-sink water purifier AUT3234/97


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  • Specification

Under-the-sink filtration syste AUT3234/97

  • (1) Multiple filtration systems give families healthier water
    •  Advanced AquaShield multiple purification technology, which can effectively filter harmful substances as fine as 0.1 microns, and remove up to 99.999% bacteria*, 99.9% soluble lead, 99.5% residual chlorine, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals (VOC), and insecticide Impurities such as CAT, iron rust, sediment and odor, while retaining the beneficial minerals for the human body.
  • (2) Only 11cm slim body, excellent performance
  • (3) 3 long-lasting filter elements
    •  CBPA filter element (Model: AUT805)-The filter capacity can reach 4000 liters, and the filter element life can reach 1 year
    •  UF filter element (Model: AUT825-filter water up to 8000 liters, filter element life up to 2 years
    •  CB filter element (Model: AUT806)-The filter capacity can reach 4000 liters, and the filter element life can reach 1 year
  • (4) AquaSense filter element intelligent display, built-in filter element life indicator
  • (5) Extremely fast water purification, it only takes 5 seconds to fill a cup of 150ml water
  • (6) Quick replacement of the filter element technology, one twist and change

Notes of Self Pick-up:

  • For self-pickup product, customers can collect the products at the selected location after ten working days upon receiving the confirmation email and within one month of receiving the confirmation email.
  • A valid confirmation email and front side copy of the credit card must be presented at the pickup counter to collect the product. Printed copies are not acceptable. 

  • Filtration performance
    • Chlorine reduction: Yes, up to 99%*
    • Pesticides reduction: up to 99%
    • Microplastics reduction: Yes
    • Soluble lead reduction: Yes, up to 99%*
    • Turbidity reduction: Yes
    • VOC reduction: Yes
  • General specifications
    • Rated Water Flow Rate: 2L/min
  • Filter specifications
    • Replacement filter cartridge: AUT805/AUT806/AUT825
  • Country of origin
    • Under-the-sink water purifie: China
  • Purification system
    • Bacteria removal (Coli-group): > 99.999%
  • Input water conditions
    • Input water pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa  bar
    • Input water temperature: 5-38  °C
    • Input water quality: Municipal tap water
  • 2-years warranty

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