8.2L Dehumidifier MJ-E82GH-H

8.2L Dehumidifier MJ-E82GH-H


HK$ 4,030

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Mitsubishi 8.2L Dehumidifier MJ-E82GH-H

  • Intelligent Laundry mode estimates when the clothes will dry and stops operation automatically.
  • Silver Ion Filter can trap pollen and dust particles.
  • Drying inside function suppresses the growth of mildew inside the machine by removing the moisture inside.
  • Mildew Guard function lowers humidity levels automatically once a day, suppressing mildew growth.
  • Built-in Auto Humidistat maintains constant room humidity with a selection of different preset humidity levels.
  • LCD Display Control Panel

  • Dimension (mm: width x depth x height): 384 x 187 x 589 mm
  • Rated dehumidifying capacity (litres/day): 8.2
  • Dehumidifying Capacity Per Day: 8.02
  • energy efficiency: 1.62
  • Annual energy consumption(kWh): 93
  • Energy efficiency grade: 1
  • Capacity of Water Tank (L): 3.8
  • Auto time switch Function
  • Humidity control
  • Origin: Japan
  • Warranty: 3 Years