22.5L Dehumidifier MJ-E130AL-H

22.5L Dehumidifier MJ-E130AL-H


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Mitsubishi 22.5L Dehumidifier MJ-E130AL-H

Mitsubishi 22.5L Dehumidifier MJ-E130AL-H, which is made in Japan, was one of dehumidifiers awarded the highest mark in the 2018 Consumer Council dehumidifier test. The test found that the dehumidifying capacity is 103.3% of the claimed dehumidifying capacity (slightly higher than the claimed capacity), outperforming the other models. Also, the Grade 1 Energy Label Mitsubishi dehumidifier has a higher energy efficiency level than the other brands, it can dehumidify 3.72L of water with 1 kWh electricity on average. You can save even more energy together with the timer.

Apart from dehumidifying, it can also prevent mildew, laundry and purify the air.

Dehumidifers with 22.5L capacity is generally suitable for flats greater than 300 ft but do remember to take other factors like location and humidity into consideration. Mitsubishi dehumidifier is small but powerful and multifunctional, making it perfect product to stretch your money. (Want to know more about how to choose the most suitble dehunidifier and other usage tips? See

  • Energy Efficiency Grade 1
  • 7 operating modes: Easy Dehumidifying, Auto, High, Low, Bathroom Mildew Guard, Intelligent Laundry, Night Laundry
  • 4 directions louvre: Wide, Upward, Rear and Downward
  • Independent air purifying function
  • 1-9 hour On/Off timer
  • LCD display with backlight


  • Dimension (mm: width x depth x height): 372 x 281 x 594 mm
  • Dehumidifying capacity: 22.55L/Day (30°C, 80%)
  • Dehumidifying capacity: 13L/Day (26.7°C, 60%)
  • energy efficiency: 2.33kW
  • Annual energy consumption(kWh): 107kWh
  • Energy efficiency grade: 1
  • Capacity of Water Tank : 4.7L
  • Auto time switch Function
  • Humidity control
  • Origin: Japan
  • Warranty: 3 Years