Toshiba Front Loading Inverter Washer Dryer Combo (8KG) TWDBH90W4H (Supplier standard installation included)

Toshiba Front Loading Inverter Washer Dryer Combo (8KG) TWDBH90W4H (Supplier standard installation included)


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Toshiba Front Loading Inverter Washer Dryer Combo (8KG) TWDBH90W4H (Supplier standard installation included)

SameLoads (WASH & DRY 8KG): TOSHIBA newest technology takes your laundry experience to another level. The only two-in-one washer/dryer combo in the market for 8KG, from now on wash & dry the clothes in only one load

SenseDose: The machine will weigh the clothes, and calculate the best amount of formula to add in the washing cycle automatically

45' to wear: Only needs 45 minutes for washing & drying a small amount of clothing

The GREATWAVES: Ultra clean, Great saving, Better color protecting. The innovative technology by Toshiba will bring you the best laundry experience ever

Flush Wave: It can adjust the rotation speed intelligently which generates strong and dynamic water flow. Together with the S-type paddle which comes with up to hundreds of water holes, the suborn stain on the clothes can be easily broken down

Crystal Inner Drum: Over a thousand of Hexagon shaped vents are scattered evenly on the inner drum which effectively increase the water penetration of the fibers.

Real INVERTER: Save more energy and quieter than traditional motor

360° Spray: 360° all around spray, accelerates detergent dissolution, cleans foam residues on door seal & glass

SenseSlide: Waterproof touch screen for user to use under wet hand

ColorAlive: Washing clothes with cold water remarkably protects the color of the clothes by decrease 39% of color fading

17 Washing Programs: Bedlinen, Spin Only, Color Care, Mix, Anti-Allergy, 10’Super Fast, Cotton, Cotton ECO, 45' To Wear, Drum Clean, Memory, Wool, Synthetic, Auto Dry, Time Dry, Sportswear, Down Jacket

10' Super Fast: Suitable for washing few clothes with only 10 minutes

550mm Wide Door: A large and wide door makes putting clothes easier and quicker

  • Anti-bacterial Gasket
  • Reload
  • Prewash
  • Easy Iron
  • Delay End (0-24hrs)
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Power Off
  • MEELS Grade 1
  • English Control Panel
  • LCD Color TFT Display Panel
  • LED Drum Light
  • 2-year Warranty (10-year Inverter motor warranty)

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  • Washing Capacity (kg): 8
  • Drying Capacity (kg): 8
  • Spin Speed (rpm): 600-1400
  • Wash Course: 17
  • Preset Timer (Hrs): 0-24
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 595x635x850
  • Energy Labelling Scheme: Grade 1
  • Warranty : 2 years

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