KUSATSU Bathroom Air Controller KBF331RGSC

KUSATSU Bathroom Air Controller KBF331RGSC


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KUSATSU| Bathroom Air Controller|  KBF331RGSC

Small |thermo ventilator|Dry|Heat

KUSATSU Bathroom Air Controller KBF331RGSC designed for small windows, slim body, more space-saving and easier to clean. Eco-friendly & Power Saving. It designs for greater user experience from quality, functionality and creativity.

Kusatsu KBF331RGSC Smart Shopping selected Thermo Ventilator

  • Wind dry
    • Cycle and venting motors operate at the same time, using the cycle air flow to let the clothes to vapor moisture on clothes. The venting motor moves the humid air out of the bathroom, which is slower but economical and useful in low humidity days or thin clothes.
  • Eco Dry
    • This works the same with Wind Dry, but during the final hour, the smart drying mod will be activated. It will blow out warm wind and increase bathroom temperature, enhancing the drying effect of the ends of the clothes. This is also a slow but economic way to dry.
  • Dry
    • Cycle and vent motors operate at the same time. By using the cycle heat wind, it fastens the vapor of the water on clothes, and meanwhile pushing out the humid air out of the bathroom, making it a better drying method. During the last hour, the venting motor will stop operating for 10 min and resume for 5 min, and this 15 min cycle will repeat for 4 times. This will increase the temperature of the bathroom and enhance the drying effect. By using the strong dry mode, it can keep the bathroom dry and cool and reduces germs.
  • Preheat
    • In winter times, turning on this function before going to the bath can make your bathroom warm and comfortable.
  • Heat
    • During bath, it keeps the bathroom warm and will blow a considerable amount of wind for adjustment. This is to avoid the discomfort of being blown directly before the finish shower, which can reduce the chance of heart problem, stroke or respiratory illness.
  • Cool
    • Enabling cool function, the cycle motor will speed up the air venting and flow of the bathroom, meanwhile the venting motor will operate to bring away the humid air, making the bathroom fresh and cool.
  • Vent 24HR Venting
    • Kusatsu have a venting function (venting for 180 cubic meters per hour), which can vent out humid air and bad smell. It comes with a 24 hour venting function, even for bathrooms without windows can also easily keep it fresh and dry.
  • Human Detection
    • According to your needs, pre-heat and cool functions both come with human detection functions. When you enter the bathroom, the function previously in use will resume automatically. When you leave the bathroom, it will stop operating.
  • Timer Preset
    • You may set the time to start and stop according to your needs.
  • Eco-friendly & Power Saving
    • Human detection functions can start and stop according to actual usage, very convenient and power saving. PTC heating with durable time for 10000 hours.Max power usage is 1350W, very power saving. Kusatsu obtained ISO14001 environmental management certificate, meeting international standards.
  • Overheat Protection
    • When all function involving the use of heater has stopped, wind cycling will continue for 30 seconds as to cool down the heater.When it detects the temperature of the heater raises up to 60 degrees, heating function will stop at once, and maintain the wind blowing until it drops back to below 55 degrees. This ensures the machine will not overheat. (The Eco-dry function also uses this method at its final hour.)
  • Double Motor Design
    • Venting and cycling motors work together, greatly enhance cool and drying function. It has a low noise design of having 30-45 dB. This motor is also used in most hong kong hotels.
  • Anti-germ filter
    • Obtained JIS certificate (JIS Z 2911) in 2003 in Japan.
  • Safe for Use
    • Latest Japan PTC heating, which does not consume in door air and can be used in a closed window environment. In 1998 Kusatsu obtained the ISO9001 quality management certificate, making its products meeting international standards.
  • Unique removable cleaning
    • Besides from cleaning the filter periodically, this would avoid dust from accumulating inside the fan or causing the following problems inside the product.
    • Accumulated dust will easily be blown back to the room
      • Bacteria will accumulate, causing problem with air quality
      • Affecting the performance, making it unable to operate in good condition and shorten its lifespan
      • Excessive amount of dust may cause overheat
      • Cleaning it once a year is recommended.
  • IPX5 waterproof
    • The remote obtained IPX5 waterproof standard, suitable to be used in the bathroom environment.
  • Made in Japan

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  • Power: 1270W
  • Timer: 24 hours
  • Display: LCD display
  • Swing: Swing up & down
  • Dimension (Wx H xD mm): 300x280x250mm
  • 2-year warranty

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