SHARP 2-Door Inverter Compressor Refrigerator SJ-29G-S

SHARP 2-Door Inverter Compressor Refrigerator SJ-29G-S


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SHARP 2-Door Inverter Compressor Refrigerator SJ-29G-S

J-TECH Inverter
Sharp’s J-TECH Inverter uses a controlled compressor rotation that has a low-speed 36 step operation in accordance with the usage of the refrigerator.
This helps to maintain a more consistent temperature with less vibration and keeps noise to a minimum level compared to a Conventional Refrigerator. Wear and tear on the compressor is reduced for greater durability

Ag+ Nano Deodorizer
When cold air passes through the Ag+ Nano Deodorizer, the nano ions can suppress viruses and germs, while removing odor. This keeps the refrigerator fresh and clean

Energy Saving Mode
Operation under Energy Saving Mode, the temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer compartment will be higher than the preset termperature by about 1-2°C. You may select this mode to avoid power consumption

Two-way Fresh Room
A spacious two-way fresh room that when closed serves as a chiller that rapidly cools the compartment for perfectly chilled drinks

Tempered Glass Tray
The trays are made of durable tempered glass that can tolerate the weight of even heavy foods in 100kg

Twin Ice Cube Maker
A simple twist, ice cubes are dropped to the storage box

Grade 1 Energy Label
Awarded the Grade 1 Energy Label, that reduce power consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases, helps you to start a more eco-friendly way of life

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  • Energy Efficiency Label: Grade 1
  • Net Capacity (L): 287
  • Refrigerator compartment (L): 212
  • Freezer compartment (L): 75
  • No. of door: 2
  • Dimension (W x H x D) (mm): 610 x 1657 x 672
  • Net weight (kg): 48
  • Left or Right hang selection: Right
  • Color: Silver
  • 5 years warranty

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