Mote Care 2.0 (4pad) MXES-R410LG

Mote Care 2.0 (4pad) MXES-R410LG


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Maxell Mote Care 2.0 (4pad) MXES-R410LG

For people who:

  1. Seldom do exercise.
  2. Want to keep your body shape.
  3. Feel the weakness of your legs and waist.
  4. Want to be independent and enjoy your life even getting old.


l Features an electrode arrangement that is easily adjusted to the directions of the muscle fibres, and its original program.
l MOTECARE is made of a thin, soft silicon material that can fit appropriately to your body.
l A fitting belt is included.
l User-friendly rechargeable device. Uses a USB Type-C interface for charging.
l A training record sheet is included to facilitate constant training.


What is EMS ?
l EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machine is a exercise equipment for
l sports that contracts muscles by low frequency electrical stimulation.
l Rather than pass the signal by the brain to the muscles,
l transmit electrical signals directly from the device to the muscles.
l You can enjoy your living as usual by just sticking the pad and
l do training with jobs, housework and even going out.
l Simple operation and comfortable wearing
l feeling that can be used anytime anywhere.
l Pursuing the quality of training effect


Design suitable for a wide range of ages,
pursuing convenience that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Effective electrode size and placement. Stimulates muscles wider and deeper.
Mainly adopts frequency 17.5Hz, which is effective for muscle contraction from the surface layer to the deep layer.
Support EMS movement with fitting belt.
Firmly fix the body to the part you want to train. It prevents slipping and peeling while using the product. (Compatible size 60-120 cm)
The thinnest part is approximately 1 mm.
Soft silicone material is used to provide excellent fitting to your body firmly.
Convenient rechargeable type. (USB Type-C)
No need to replace battery and no need to worry about the top and bottom while inserting the USB to the socket.
Cordless design that can be easily used anywhere.
Built-in power supply and controller, bring it to anywhere you like.
Comes with a carrying pouch for keeping your EMS device.
Includes a dedicated carrying pouch that can store the device and accessories.
The volume during operation is easy to hear.
Operating buttons sound is volume upped.
More easier to check while changing modes.
Comes with training record book.

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  • Model : MXES-R410LG
  • Number of electrodes : 4 electrodes
  • Color : Black & Lime
  • Dimensions : 189 (width) x 170 (height) x 14 (thickness) mm (gel pad not installed)
  • Input voltage : 5 V DC/Max. 200 mAh
  • Weight : About 70 g (gel pad not installed)
  • Built-in battery : Lithium-ion battery (About 200 mAh)
  • Charging time : About 2 hours
  • Accessories :
    • Gel pad x 4 (1 set), protective sheet x 1, fitting belt x 1 (about 125 cm), training record sheet x 1, power supply adapter x 1, charging cable x 1 (about 50 cm), user manual
  • Warranty : 1 Year

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