RO Water Dispenser ADD6911 (WIFI Version)

RO Water Dispenser ADD6911 (WIFI Version)


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PHILIPS RO Water Dispenser  ADD6911 (WIFI Version)

  1. Adopt a new RO reverse osmosis water purification system
    • Effectively filter harmful impurities as small as * 0.0001 microns in water, including removing * 99.999% bacteria and viruses, * 99.9% heavy metals (soluble lead), * 99.9% residual chlorine, * 99.9% residual pesticides, parasites, volatile organic chemistry It is easy to accept pure water with impurities such as VOC and odor.
  2. The built-in antibacterial UV-LED in the water purification tank effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents secondary pollution
  3. 3-second instant heating technology-drinking fresh pure water at any time saves time and energy
  4. Preset 4 kinds of water temperature (95℃, 85℃, 45℃ and room temperature) and 4 kinds of water output options
    • You can make tea, coffee, milk, fruit, oats and noodles at will
  5. Smart mode
    • By connecting to a smart phone, the water temperature per 1℃ (45-95℃) and 10ml water output (150-1000ml) can be accurately set, and the water temperature and water output can be controlled more accurately
    • Filter element life display
    • Water quality supervision
  6. RFID chip filter element-intelligent identification of filter element status
  7. A water cup sensor is provided-when the water cup is placed close to the RO pure water dispenser, the drinking machine will wake up from the repeated state
  8. 180° flexible rotating hollow-easy to clean and change water
  9. The original materials of the filter element are imported from South Korea, which is safe and reliable
  10. Long-lasting and durable filter element-filter element life can reach 1 year
  11. QuickTwist quick change filter design-replace the filter at any time
  12. Provide intimate safety locks-to prevent burns by high-temperature pure water
  13. Simple streamlined design-Lightweight appearance enhances space efficiency, and large capacity water storage tank is also provided
  14. No need to install or connect water pipes-it can be used anywhere just connect to the power supply

*Won the BUREAU VERITAS and SGS international authoritative certification, drinking more peace of mind
Filter model: ADD553 (RO pure water dispenser water filter)

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  • Warranty : 2 years

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