Anchor Chef 迷你充電真空神器 (Blue) (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)

Anchor Chef 迷你充電真空神器 (Blue) (Locker pick up - Smart [email protected] Tong)

Anchor Chef

HK$ 205 HK$ 348

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Anchor Chef 迷你充電真空神器

【家居旅行必備 迷你多功能真空神器】
由 AnchorChef 團隊開發迷你多功能真空神器,讓你可以進行食物真空保鮮,又可以用來壓縮衣物節省空間。採用每分鐘三公升進口氣泵吸力強勁,方便快捷,家居及旅行一機多用。配備的5個食品級真空密封袋可冷藏或慢煮加熱,更可重複使用。


  • 迷你多功能,可處理食物真空與衣物壓縮,家用及旅行户外活動使用均可
  • 環保神器及密封袋均可無限次使用
  • 內置充電池,無需插頭連接,USB 一次充電可以使用連續開機超過兩個小時
  • 速度快效率高,吸力強勁
  • 每分鐘三公升氣泵,30秒內完成小真空密封袋,一分鍾可完成大真空密封袋
  • 低噪音操作 50db以下
  • 配備的 5個食品級小真空密封袋 可冷藏或慢煮加熱,更可重複使用
  • 尺寸:高8.6cm x 直徑5.2cm
  • 重量:152g

For Locker Self-pickup Product

  • Self-pick up password will be sent through SMS (the Hong Kong mobile number which inputted in the order) by the next working days upon receiving the confirmation email
  • Customer can pick up the goods within 72 hours upon receiving the self-pick up password SMS at selected locker
  • The self-pick up password will be invalid after 72 hours. Customer can visit CLP Smart [email protected] Tung to pick up the goods within one month. (Please refer Non-Locker Self-Pickup T&C for details)
  • Customer should check the self-pickup product(s) at the pickup location. The collected product is neither returnable nor refundable after confirmation. No bag will be provided at the pickup location.
  • No delivery service will be provided for pick-up products 

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