Rechargeable vacuum cleaner BBHF214G + Compressor Dehumidifier RAD-Y200H

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner BBHF214G + Compressor Dehumidifier RAD-Y200H

Bosch x Toshiba

HK$ 5,278

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BOSCH Rechargeable vacuum cleaner BBHF214G + Toshiba Compressor Dehumidifier RAD-Y200H

BOSCH 14.4V Rechargeable vacuum cleaner BBHF214G

At last! No cable. No compromises on flexibility. The perfect helper for the quick cleaning in between with constantly high performance.

  • Thorough cleaning results on all floors thanks to highly efficient bagless-technology and AllFloor HighPower Brush
  • Always quick at hand: Cordless vacuuming without limitations and solid freestanding function for easy placement and charging anywhere at home
  • Pure comfort: easy to use, store and clean thanks to it light weight and EasyClean System


  • EasyClean Brush. Easy to clean.
    • The brush roll can be easily removed from the floor nozzle for cleaning. Guaranteeing perfect results every time.
  • Can be set aside on its own
    • The cordless vacuum cleaner can compactly fit in any niche or corner, thanks to its slim design. It can also be set aside on its own, which is an advantage when you are taking a short break from vacuuming or when you are recharging the appliance.
  • All Floor Brush. One nozzle for easy cleaning of all floor types.
    • Every home is unique. The motorised AllFloor Brush ensures visible cleaning results on all floors including parquet, carpets and tiles.
  • Performance
    • 2in1: Handheld and handstick in one appliance
    • Constantly high performance: LongLife Li-Ion batteries for constantly high performance and short charging time
    • Electro brush for a thorough cleaning of all floor surfaces
    • Two power levels
  • Hygiene
    • Washable Filter
    • Easy handling for removal and emptying of the dust box.
  • Comfort
    • Maximum flexibility: vacuum cleaning without limitations around and under furniture thanks to its extremely flexible nozzle joint
    • Solid freestanding function for easy placement, space-saving storage and flexible charging at every power outlet
    • Pure comfort: easy to use, store and clean thanks to its light weight and EasyClean System
    • Easy Clean System: Easy removal and cleaning of the nozzle brush roll

Toshiba Compressor Dehumidifier RAD-Y200H

  • Auto mode - humidity setting range in between 30% - 80%*.
  • Laundry mode - compressor operate continuously to remove moisture from clothes.
  • 3 in 1 Multi-function filter – including activated carbon, Silver Ion and photocatalyst filter.
  • Ion purification - The unit discharge negative ions, and negatively charge the dust in the air. The charged dust can be attract to each other, and turn into a larger dust particles for easier purification.
  • Multi-directional air flow – the louver can be swing or stop from 36 - 71 degree.
  • 24 hours timer – design with on/off timer usage.
  • Internal dry – the built-in fan can dry up the moisture inside the unit, keep it away from odor and mold breeding.
  • Full water tank alert – the full tank indicator will lights up when the water tank is fully loaded.
  • Compact design – easy for storage. It also comes with recessive handle and 360°pulley to maximize the mobility.
  • Continuous drain – connected with drain pipe for continuous drain.
  • Cable management – wrap up the power cord and cable neatly with cord tie.

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BOSCH 14.4V Rechargeable vacuum cleaner BBHF214G

  • Voltage: 14.4V
  • Charging time:4-5 hours
  • Filtration system: Bagless
  • Two power levels
  • Runtime: 35 mins
  • Dimensions: 1160x265x165 mm
  • 2-years warranty

Toshiba Compressor Dehumidifier RAD-Y200H

  • Dehumidifying Capacity:
    • 21L /day (Manufacturer'sStandard)
    • 12L /day (MEEL's Standard)
  • Energy Label: Grade 1
  • Tank Capacity: 4L
  • Product Dimensions ( D x H x D ): 350 x 560 x 260 mm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

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