26cm Enameled Cast Iron Deep Frying Pan FP26-OK (Oak) *Free: 26cm Frying Pan Glass Lid (FL26-MBK)

26cm Enameled Cast Iron Deep Frying Pan FP26-OK (Oak) *Free: 26cm Frying Pan Glass Lid (FL26-MBK)


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Vermicular 26cm Enameled Cast Iron Deep Frying Pan FP26-OK (Oak) *Free: 26cm Frying Pan Glass Lid (FL26-MBK)
(Promotion Period : 1 March - 30 April 2021)

  • Unique Enamel-thermo technology: enamel cast iron provides good heat conductivity while Vermicular newly developed enamel for the frying pan has a hydrophilic property. When a spoon of water is put on the pan, it spreads fast and smoothly. Hence, Vermicular can provide "instant evaporation" property and far-infrared ray heating
  • Instant evaporation: vaporize excess water from the ingredients in a moment and intensify the natural flavor of ingredients
  • Far-infrared ray heating: Vermicular can heat from the inside of the ingredients and bring out the natural flavor
  • Non-stick coating: newly developed enamel has a characteristic which cooking oil spreads smoothly. As long as the frying pan is preheated well enough, ingredients won't get stuck
  • Easy to use and care: washed with mild dish detergent; no need for any special cares such as seasoning but never rusts
  • High durabilty: resistant to rapid cooling and heating - even can rinse it with cold water just after cooking; cadmium-free & no toxic materials
  • Japanese craftspeople grind wood-handle one by one. Ergonomic grip fits in the palm of your hand perfectly.
  • Light weight: only 1.5mm thick (the thinnest part) and weigh just 1.05kg, suitable for ladies or the elderly
  • Receipe book is provided
  • Win Good Design Award 2020
  • Made in Japan

*Free: 26cm Frying Pan Glass Lid FL26-MBK (Suggested Retail Price: $398)

  • Enameled cast-iron handle is crafted by the Japanese craftspeople
  • Stand-alone design is convenient for cooking
  • Made in Japan

*First-come-first-served until stocks last and color random redeem

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