Front Loading Washer TWBK95G4H

Front Loading Washer TWBK95G4H


HK$ 5,980

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Toshiba Front Loading Washer TWBK95G4H

  • Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB): The nano bubbles in water are increased to enhance the sebum washing rate by 18%, while the residues are reduced by 15%
    • Nano-sized bubbles are 200 times smaller than average fiber gaps, easily penetrate into fabric fibers to remove the deepest stains, bacteria and residues, thus to achieve the best deep cleaning
    • Remove sebum dirt away from fiber, prevent yellowing, makes fabric fresh and long-lasting
  • Steam Care: The steam function is activated to have the inner drum temperature raised and penetrate deep into fabric fibers. The main advantage of steam scalding is to 99.99% sterilize and de-odorize the fabric
  • CycloneMix: An impeller in the dispenser effectively increases the detergent dissolution by 19%
  • THE GREATWAVES: Ultra clean, Great saving, Better color protecting. Washing clothes with cold water remarkably protects the color of the clothes by decrease 39% of color fading
  • Flush Wave: The rotation speed will adjust intelligently which generates strong and dynamic water flow. The S-type paddle can easily break down the suborn stains
  • Crystal Inner Drum: Hexagon shaped vents are scattered evenly on the inner drum which effectively increase the water penetration of the fibers
  • ORIGIN INVERTER: Save more energy and quieter than traditional motor
  • 12 Washing Programs: Bedlinen, Spin Only, THE GREATWAVES, Mix, Anti-Allergy, 12’Quick, Cotton, ECO Wash, Wash 45’, Drum Clean, Memory, Wool
  • 12' Quick Wash: Suitable for washing few clothes with only 12 minutes
  • Anti-bacterial Gasket
  • Prewash
  • Fast Wash
  • Delay End (0-24hrs)
  • Child Lock
  • Reload
  • LED Drum Light
  • Woolmark
  • MEELS Grade 1
  • Chinese & English Control Panel with LED display

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  • Washing Capacity : 8.5(kg)
  • Spin Speed : 600-1400(rpm)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) : 595*580*850 mm
  • Energy Labelling Scheme: Grade 1
  • Net Weight : 69(kg)
  • Body Color : Grey
  • Door Color : Black
  • Warranty : 2 Years

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