Selected Estate - Multi-Function Steam & Grill Oven ISO-996 (Intallation excluded) + Flurry Series - Range Hood GH-238IEC (Intallation excluded) *Free Corelle Dinnerware Set 3pcs (Lavender Garden)

Selected Estate - Multi-Function Steam & Grill Oven ISO-996 (Intallation excluded) + Flurry Series - Range Hood GH-238IEC (Intallation excluded) *Free Corelle Dinnerware Set 3pcs (Lavender Garden)


HK$ 12,060

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Multi-Function Steam & Grill Oven ISO-996 + Flurry Series - Range Hood GH-238IEC *Free Corelle Dinnerware Set 3pcs (Lavender Garden)


Flurry Series - Range Hood GH-238IEC

  • Enironmental friendly with " Easy Detach Easy Clean" design
  • The centrifugal solitary type turbine fan blade, degreasing effect is remarkable
  • Double-current circuit switch is installed to insure user's safety
  • Provide 2 levels of variable speed ("fast" and "slow" mode), operated by electronic switch panel
  • Built-in grease cup design, beautiful and practical
  • 15W LED lights to provide brightness to kitchen

How to choose a range hood

1. The ideal thickness of range hood should be 6-7 inches, which provide enough space for storing exhaust and reduce the possibility of noise and backflow.
2. The structure of chassis should have enough depth which is essential for covering large range of smoke.
3. It is necessary to understand personal's cooking habits and kitchen's ventilation status first so as to purchase a suitable range hood

Range Hood intallation excluded, Intallation charges: $600

Multi-Function Steam & Grill Oven ISO-996 with a reservation cooking and time function, you can easily cook different foods and delicacies

  • The external water tank can easily add water at any time and place without affecting the normal operation of the steaming furnace
  • 115℃ ultra high temperature steam cooking
  • 250℃ high temperature roast cooking
  • It is equipped with cooking, roasting, steaming, heat preservation, fermentation and thawing functions
  • With a capacity of up to 40 liters, it can accommodate large vessels in multiple layers and cook a variety of dishes at the same time. It is convenient and practical and it is easy to save time
  • Electrical contral panel for easy operation and stylish new style
  • Set the hot air convection to make the food more evenly heated
  • Automatically rotate the barbecue fork to heat evenly, the effect is more obvious
  • Automatically cleaning function to remove odor from the furnace and soften oil stains for easy cleaning
Free installation service is not available.

Free Corelle® Dinnerware Set 3pcs (Lavender Garden)

  • Soup Plate 21cm, Serving Bowl 1.0L, Oval Serving Platter 31cm
  • Suitable for steam oven
  • Durable, beautiful and stylish
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Flurry Series - Range Hood GH-238 IEC

  • Coating:Stainless Steel
  • Machine Dimension:710mm(W) x 515mm(D) x 160mm(H)
  • Packing Dimension:767mm(W) x 573mm(D) x 215mm(H)
  • Net Weight:10kgs
  • Exhaustion:ASK
  • Motor Watt:90W x 2
  • Motor:Two Motor
  • Motor Speed:ASK
  • Air Duct Dia:ø150mm
  • Voltage:220-240V / 50Hz
  • Illumination:10W

Multi-Function Steam & Grill Oven ISO-996

  • Model no.:ISO-996
  •  Net Weight : 17.8kg
  •  Gross Weight : 22.5kg
  •  Product Dimensions : 502mm(W) x 499mm(D) x 416mm(H)
  •  Packing size : 640mm (L) x 510mm (W) x 590mm (H)
  • 1-year warranty

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