1HP Cooling Window Type Air-Conditioner RA10QDF (Remote Control)(Supplier standard installation included)

1HP Cooling Window Type Air-Conditioner RA10QDF (Remote Control)(Supplier standard installation included)


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Hitachi 1HP Cooling Window Type Air-Conditioner (Remote Control) RA10QDF

For 35 years, Hitachi has continually been the No.1 seller in HK. Each production stages are done under top specification with top craftsmanship for durability. Build in "Wasabi" nanofilter can effectively filter out microbes, bacteria with anti mildew property. Also, the air-conditioner is well controlled to prevent water dripping. 1HP air conditioners are suitable for 80-100 feet area in general and hence fits average bedrooms in Hong Kong.

  • Grade 1 Energy Saving Awarded

    • Grade 1 energy efficiency label by the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. The higher energy efficiency save electricity and protect the environment.
  • NEW Gold Color badge
  • WASABI Nano Titanium Filter
    • Wasabi Nano Titanium Filter is made of electrostatic fibre, effectively filter up to 95% of dust mite, 98% of formaldehyde and 99% of bacteria, effectively reduces asthmatic allergens and bacteria.
  • Nano Titanium Pre-Filter
    • Reduce dust mites and microbes, anti bacterial and anti odour.
  • Dehumidifying Function
  • Twin Flow
  • Auto Swing of Deflectors
  • Anti-bacterial Turbo Fan
    • Better refrigeration and antibacterial property. High air flow capacity for rapid evaporation. Both prevent infestation of bacteria on the fan blades for better cooling and better hygiene.
  • Green Coating
    • Anti rust and durable.
  • Fuzzy Control
    • Integrated computation of indoor environmental factors and collating data enable air-conditioner to a be turned on in advance or delay, ensure desired temperature to be reached in time which makes it economic and energy efficient.

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  • Grade 1 Energy Label
  • Cooling Capacity: 8,870 Btu/h
  • Power: 220-240 V
  • Dehumidity Capacity: 1.6 L/h
  • Air Flow: 7.5 m3/min
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 470 x 345 x 640 (mm)
  • Net Weight: 34kg
  • 3 years warranty