18L Rapid Heating Shower Storage Type Water Heater IN18S2/2.8Kw (Supplier standard installation included)

18L Rapid Heating Shower Storage Type Water Heater IN18S2/2.8Kw (Supplier standard installation included)


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Izu 18L Rapid Heating Shower Storage Type Water Heater IN18S2/2.8Kw

  • Top mount intallation
  • Ultra-thin body 190mm
  • Three color temperature display light
  • Can keep 42 degrees Celsius from start to end (room temperature 25 degrees)
  • Extra low fire power 2800W
  • 1.5mm wire and 13A electric position
  • Adjusting water flow in winter and summer
  • Continuous hot water supply up to 30 minutes*
  • Water Saving Aerated Showerhead
  • Rapid heating in low energy , CHINA Patent : CN201410487705.0

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Introduction of Rapid Heating EWH

Raise output water temperature by 20°C within 5 minutes(*). Provide water output continuously 40°C about 30 minutes at a flow rate less than 4 litres per minute after completely water heating of internal storage tank.

(*)Assume input water temperature 20°C - 25°C

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**「新入伙」/ 「氣轉電」住宅客戶獎賞不適用於以積分換購之產品。



  • 選購雙頭 IC電磁爐、雙頭電陶爐、雙頭電磁及電陶爐 或電熱水爐 (供應沐浴用 )即享$200獎賞*
  • 選購單頭IC電磁爐 (2千瓦或以上) 即享$100獎賞*               


電力賬戶生效期計12個月以外 │需提供購買、收貨及氣轉電證明

  • 選購電熱水爐 (供應沐浴用) 或雙頭 IC 電磁爐 雙頭電陶爐 雙頭電磁及電陶爐即享$200獎賞*



  • Type: Rapid Heating Shower Storage Type Water Heater
  • Water Storage Capacity: 18 Litres
  • Inlet & Outlet Position: Bottom
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Power: 2,800 W
  • Dimension (W x D x H) : 390 x 210 x 590 mm
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Max. Temperature(degree Celsius) : Instant Hot: 38-42 Degree Celsius ; Storage Hot:40-75 Degree Celsius
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Multi-inner water tank design

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