VC 5 Premium Vacuum Cleaner**

VC 5 Premium Vacuum Cleaner**


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Kärcher Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VC 5 Premium

Highly space-saving and powerful for its size: the innovative VC 5 Premium compact vacuum cleaner by Kärcher. The device can be halved in size using its patented triple-telescopic system, making it suitable for even the smallest household. Despite its size, the vacuum cleaner impresses with a cleaning performance that sets it on a par with large canister vacuum cleaners. In particular, the switchable Kärcher dry floor nozzle with flexible joint is to thank for this. The nozzle only requires very little power, yet it affords extremely high performance thanks to its compact construction and special air channel – this is confirmed by its outstanding energy label. The bagless filter system with integrated filter cleaning also offers numerous benefits: there are no costs for expensive filter bags and the filter box can be removed easily, ensuring rapid filter emptying. The VC 5 is most impressive on hard floors and carpets – and, with its premium equipment, it also convinces in narrow spaces and on sensitive surfaces.

  • Two-stage filter cleaning function
    • Automatic filter cleaning when the filter cover is opened.
  • Removable filter box
    • Removing the filter from the device is extremely easy.
    • Quick and easy filter emptying.
  • Magnetic parking position
    • Quick and secure device parking during working interruptions.
    • Compact transportation of the device.
  • Four-stage power control
    • The power can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit the particular application.
  • Detachable floor nozzle
    • Option to attach additional accessories for ideal cleaning in every area of the home.
  • 2 cable hooks with quick-release function
    • Cable allows for space-saving storage on the rear of device and easy removal thanks to the rotating hook design.

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  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 182 x 261 x 621mm
  • Operating radius: 10m
  • Weight without accessories: 3.21KG
  • One year warranty