6kg Top Load Washer EWT0962EWW**Retail Price: $4,498

6kg Top Load Washer EWT0962EWW**Retail Price: $4,498


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Electrolux 6kg Top Load Washer EWT0962EWW

    • Taking care of your precious woollen garments is now easier than ever. Our Woolmark Certification menas you can safely wash woollen garments without risk of shrinkage, even if the label says hand wash only.
    • Achieve superior wash performance in less time. A quick and effective wash program suitable for everyday fabrics.
    • Tackle tough stains with our Shower Spray that directly sprays water and detergent onto clothes to help wash away dirt and stains.
    • With Electrolux's soft and silent door opening system, a press is all you need to open the drum door.
    • The Drum Self-Positioning (DSP) ensures that the door faces the top when the cycle ends, making unloading your washer quick and convenient.
    • An inclined drum is lower at the front of the opening, making it easy to see and reach laundry in the drum.
  • Features
    • Delicates Programme
    • Child Lock
    • Woolmark Certification
    • Quick Wash Programme
    • Wool Programme
    • Soft Closing Door

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  • Grade 1 Energy Label
  • Washing Capacity(kg): 6
  • Dimensions: 400 x 600 x 850 mm
  • Spin Speed: 900 rpm
  • Washing Programs: 14
  • Origin: Poland
  • Warranty: 39 Months